Processing Upgrade Pre-Orders + Credit Card options

So about 30 minutes after I paid for the basic unit, I realized that the Pro+ Air Filter upgrade was the way to go. Kudos for thinking that through ahead of time. Here’s the issue. I made the purchase on Saturday and for some reason I kept being told “You Already Made a Purchase” but the additional upgrade purchase never went through. Not sure if it was a browser issue or session cookies or what, but today, Monday, I was finally able to go back and finalize the purchase for the Pro + Filter upgrade. Maybe take a look at logs to see if this is an ongoing issue or something on my end.

Also, while we’re talking about pre-orders, it might be a good thing to make it possible for using multiple payments to cover the entire amount. I ended up using a different card for the upgrade because the first card was near it’s limit. I know that a lot of your customers view this purchase as an investment and legit business expense and being able to tap into various credit cards in order to scrape together funds in order to “make it happen” is important. I Can’t wait!! Super jazzed!

Thanks so much for the excellent feedback! I’m going to check in to seeing if multiple-credit-card purchases can be made to happen. And sorry for the errors when purchasing - glad it finally worked out. We’ll take a look and see if we can find what happened.