Production units being delivered



I have seen people post here about getting their email. It makes me very excited! I ordered on October 8, 2015. Does anyone have insight on the next wave of emails? I am not sure if I understand how this will pan out. I understand we will get our units by July 31, I am looking forward to mine!


All we know right now is the first wave of emails has gone out to a few people, not a lot. Currently Glowforge is saying end of July for all units. We should get a monthly update in a couple of weeks and might hear more then.


What did you order - Pro or Basic? Where are you located - US or elsewhere?

The answers to those questions will have some effect on you can expect an email.


I believe the last I read/heard was projected end of August for all units, end of July still for initial crowdfunded and any that were originally expecting delivery by Dec 31, 2016.


I believe two rounds of emails went out. One last Friday, one on Wednesday. I think @chris11 joined the forum just to share his good news!


Sorry yes. You’re correct.


I ordered the basic and I live in USA


Well, we actually don’t know that. All we know is that a few forum users got the e-mail. We don’t know anything at all about the thousands of non-forum owners.


You just got my hopes up so bad with that post lol till I scrolled down lol. I am so hoping to have mine by august 6th lol, my town has a huge parade that I have a bunch of people down for and would be a cool interactive draw and engrave party on top of it would be awesome lol. I ordered mine after oct though so can’t be to hopeful lol, but with the emails coming out already I think its still possible :smile:


Ok, I know based on the number of people on the forum who got the email that only a few people got the email. In fact there are still quite a few U.S. first day basic orders that haven’t received the email.


Sorry about that. Rushed off a phone response as I saw no one had responded in the first hour.

Actually just rechecked and I was correct, based on your order date Glowforge is saying before end of July for you.


Basic and USA


Pro and Europe… I’ll probably be dead last…


Pro, Europe and a filter plus unpopular in these forums so probably dead last or not at all.


I find my self often agreeing with you, maybe it is an European culture thing or that Glowforge is an very US centric company. There haven’t been much communication on international orders. I still find it strange that they haven’t tried to reduce the price of shipping.

Now I am just looking forward to getting my Glowforge. I really hope that in the future Glowforge, as a company, will be as delightful to deal with as Inventables. Their service is really amazing, even as an international customer.


Basic, USA, ordered the first day… nothing yet :flushed:


Or maybe right in front of me and I’m in the US. :wink:


Nothing yet, but yet is operative there. I’m expecting you will see soon.


Lol, @palmercr, I think you are seriously over estimating any negative vibes :smile: sure you like to argue, and sure there are frequent different viewpoints, and sure people get agrivated at each other from time to time,but I’ve always found your contributions to be invaluable as well as a perspective that needs to be voiced. You may be a little negative (or pragmatic if that’s more politically correct) but I think you always need a little sour with your sweet…like say blackberry cobbler…now I need some desert, but hopefully you get my point. :wink:


The shipping algorithm is complicated, but does not include sentiment analysis of forum posts.

@palmercr, I cannot wait to get you your Glowforge. If only so you can switch from being critical of its delivery to being critical of its performance. :wink: