Project Print-A-Toy Program

I’m excited to share an initiative we launched today that I find really meaningful: Project Print-A-Toy. Harnessing the magic of your Glowforge, you can create gifts that will bring joy to children in your community over the holidays.

Each week for the next 8 weeks, we’ll pick a theme and share some magical gifts you can create, using free designs and discounted Proofgrade materials. You can also use your own designs, your own materials, or even make the gifts with other cutting tools! Here are the details:

  1. Choose your design. Go to and choose from one of this week’s gifts (or create your own!)
  2. Pick your Proofgrade. We’re putting the materials you need to make this week’s design on sale - or to move even faster, drop by our partners Joann and Michaels to get a discount of 30% off all Proofgrade materials.
  3. Give your gift. Drop off your creations at the nearest Toys for Tots to deliver some much deserved joy to a child in need.

We’d love you to share what you make on social (and in here!) - just use the hashtag #ProjectPrintAToy and tag @glowforge! Thank you!


Any chance Michaels in Canada will ever get some proof grade material?


I just ordered a bunch of material for this and the projects I want to put in the catalog :slight_smile:


Amazing!! Thank you!


Checking on that for you. Will report back!


Checked in with our retail team and there isn’t any timing on whether Michael’s stores in Canada will carry our products in the future (we have to translate everything in French because Canada). I’ll update you if we do. Thank you!


Thank you for checking.


This Print-a-Toy initiative sounds like a wonderful idea!

Usually I get toys to donate from a toy store. Is there a way I can make sure the design I print based on this initiative are things children would actually want? I have no children of my own to test on. Was reading through the announcement hoping for some indication,


I don’t know what all they will be coming out with for this project, but if you have Premium, there are lots of fun games and other things I do think kids would enjoy, such as “The Epic Dot Game,” etc.


Yay! That’s my design!


Hi @pingemi ! Excited that you like the Print-A-Toy program! We are working with Toys for Tots on this program, so any of the toy designs we highlight would be something that children would want! Appreciate you being part of the program!


I’m just finding this great idea. How can I get the plane card? I found a commercial airline model in the catalog but it’s not arranged like it is in the picture so I can gift it as a kit. Sorry for the double post, I may have accidentally deleted my first one.


So happy that you’re excited about this program! Are you talking about this card? Party Plane Birthday Card (Glowforge Launch Video Exclusive!) – Glowforge Shop

We have specific designs that you can download for free that we’ve worked with Toys for Tots. Here is the link to this week’s designs: Project Print-A-Toy – Glowforge Shop

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Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately, that’s not it.! I’m talking about the commercial plane I see in the picture of the print a toy link. It looks like a kit card.

Here’s a screen shot from the web page:

I found a commercial plane in the catalog that I am assuming this came from, but it’s not formatted to give as a kit card.


(Attachment PastedGraphic-1.tiff is missing)


You can just move the pieces around in the GUI and draw a box around them? That way you make your own card.

I am guessing this is what was done in that instance.


Oh got it! Yes sorry - that was one of our older designs that was in the catalog. But @bill.m.davis has a great idea to make your own card. Thank you @bill.m.davis !


Thank you so much Bill! Any advice on how to add “tabs” to the design so the recipient can pop out the pieces? I’m going to try to duplicate the arrangement on the web page so I’ll have some space to engrave a few instructions at the bottom.

You’re going to want to test before cutting the whole thing but if you drop the power by a few points it should ~almost~ cut through - which would work like tabs :slight_smile:

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This week’s Project Print-A-Toy program is all about costumes and jewelry!
To celebrate the program and all who are making toys for Toys for Tots, we have a variety of Proofgrade materials on promotion this week including natural leather, orange acrylic, eco iron-ons, and poplar hardwood.
For more details, check out: Project Print-A-Toy – Glowforge Shop
Thank you to everyone who has already printed a toy and donated! :teddy_bear:


The last time I did a pop-out card, I didn’t use the tabs to actually “pop-out” the pieces. I cut paper/cardstock and glued it to back of the card to hold the pieces in.