Proofgrade barcode placement

So, I have found the on the 12" x 20" proof grade materials, the placement of the barcode causes it to not be read, so the GF doesn’t auto-set everything. Is this a common issue, or is my camera just weird?
If it’s common, maybe the barcode could be moved to a more central location so it’s easier for the camera to read?

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I’ve had the same problem. The underlighting on the lid reflects off the barcode making it unreadable.


At some point it will be completely removed from human sight.

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Yeah, it happens sometimes.

You can click “Unknown Material” or “Select Material” (can’t recall the button label), select which material you have on the bed, and continue on your way. It’s a couple extra clicks, but the GF doesn’t need to read the QR code to function properly.

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I put the pg piece in my color laser printer and copied it. Cut it out and put next to the wood I want to cut with a magnet. Reads great. Then store on metal filing cabinet for the next use.

@shawnmcbee do you know a date and time when your Glowforge didn’t read the Proofgrade label well? I’d like to investigate further.


I do not. BUT I will be using a brand-new piece of Proofgrade this evening and I will report the time to you, as I expect it still won’t read.

@Rita: Last night (3/5/18) at 7:01 pm, I put in a sheet of Thick Clear Acrylic that was not detected.
About 45 Minutes later, I put in a sheet of Medium Black Acrylic that WAS detected. But that same sheet, placed the same way a few minutes later was then not detected.

Hope that helps you.

That helps – will look into it!

I just realized I haven’t asked if your camera is clean. Would you please use a Zeiss wipe to clean the camera on the lid of your Glowforge and let us know if that helps? Pictures are in Step 8 here.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email