Proofgrade delivery failure due to mangled stored address



Had a frustrating experience today. UPS refused to deliver my order of proofgrade materials due to an incomplete address. After sitting at home all day waiting for delivery, I logged into MyChoice to find that 7 minutes prior to end of the delivery window they updated the status to indicate this incomplete address.
The problem is that I live at “1234 C XXXX st”, but the delivery address was set to “1234 XXXX st”, without the unit indicator.
I noticed the discrepancy in address when I placed the order, but I could not find any wayt o correct my address during the checkout flow. I (incorrectly) assumed that UPS would cover for the failure of Glowforge to remember my address correctly (since, they did delivery something for this sender to the correct address only two weeks ago), or that I would be able to alter it in MyChoice. Neither of these options have turned out to be true.
So now I have to wait longer for my materials :frowning: , and I’m not sure how to correct the delivery address (nor how to get a smaller window than “sometime on day X”, which is a pretty lousy experience, but separate). Also, I’m worried that future PG orders will suffer the same problem.
Help! How do I change my address back to the correct address? My basic unit and original PG shipment were delivered fine, so I don’t know where to change this. How do I get my new PG materials delivered?


This post should be good. Support should be able to fix it fairly quickly once they pick up this ticket.


Delivery is being re-attempted today to the same incorrect address. I’ve tried instructing UPS to “leave with a neighbor”, i.e. myself at my correct address, but I’m not convinced that will work.


Thanks for letting us know about this! I’ll let the team know that you weren’t able to update your address when you were checking out.

@zandaleph It looks like your shipment was marked as delivered. Were you able to receive it?


@dannyc, All other staff responses show up in yellow on the forum. Yours does not.


Hey @dannyc - Yeah, apparently asking them to leave it with my neighbor (myself) worked just fine this morning. Thanks for forwarding my problems with address update to the team. I expect I’ll be placing another order soon so I’ll have another go at the checkout flow soon.


i wonder if it was fixed or if something just didn’t finish loading when you looked. your reply was 32 mins ago, but danny’s response is yellow to me now.


It turned yellow as I was reading @rpegg’s post (right when he posted it).


I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!