Proofgrade Draftboard mask damaging part

Ive noticed that some (most) proofgrade draftboards are getting damaged when removing the masking tape that is factory applied. It leaves the surface very rough with fibers sticking up etc.

I have had plenty of draftboard remain very nice smooth and flat when removing tape, so what is happening… I have had to waste many sheets because of larger chunks being removed, and making the final piece no better than using home depot mdf


I have noticed this with any type of masking that is left on too long.
That glue apparently sets up eventually.
Blue painters tape is bad for this, but even the tacky masking tape similar to what they use will set up if left for several months.
This is why I mask on demand these days. Just takes a few minutes before you can drop the stuff into the laser.

Not sure you would have gotten some that was masked 4 to 6 months ago though.
How long ago did you buy it?

I’ve notice this happening too on boards that I’ve bought within the last 2 months. Thought it was my imagination at the time.

Me too but it’s erratic. I’ve also gotten PG ply that doesn’t have a shiny smooth finish - been getting random ones where it’s not all smoothly finished. Get about 10% that have a pebbled or matte finish.

I’m not selling stuff so I just work around it.

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I received it 1 week ago

I have also received plywood with the order that was exactly that, matte finish on one side which happened to be the qr code side which was for a customer so I had to recut :frowning: another sheet wasted

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