Proofgrade Expiration?

Apologies if this has already been covered, I didn’t find this in any searches.

Does Proofgrade have a recommended expiration/shelf life? My original sample box arrived more than a year ago but I’ve just recently been able to use it. (The closed shipping box has always been stored flat)
On several sheets the masking is flat on one side but wrinkly on the other. I’m sure the GF can cut right through slight wrinkles but has anyone had a problem with that?

There is at least one post here where support gives a time… and I believe that it was 1-year (it’s the masking - obviously).


Thanks @jbmanning5, I thought I’d seen something like that but wasn’t able to dig it up.
There’s no reason I can’t pull this wrinkly stuff off and remask, right?


I wouldn’t see why that would be an issue (to remask)

We should task @evansd2 with that search! I know the post is there somewhere, but can’t find it either.


I actually was the one who posted it…


Perfect, thank you! :hugs:

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Obviously, I picked the right person for the job!


I’ve had some experience with this. It’s been more than just the aged masking, the wood finish itself becomes rather ‘pebbly’. At least it’s my belief that this is from long storage. I went through my entire stack of PG, peeled back a portion of a corner and checked each sheet out. Then I marked it accordingly…slightly rough, very rough, etc. right on the bar code sticker. That way I’m not taken by surprise. If it’s pretty bad, I just use it as I would draft board.

I got some with the rough finish straight from the factory. (They had a bad batch or two over the last couple of years.) The older stuff was perfectly fine, and actually in better shape than the bad batches. I’m still using some bits left over from a couple years ago - PRU material. Works fine. Little bit harder to get the masking off. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hmm…well, I suppose I could stand corrected. :grinning:


Thanks @Xabbess and @Jules. I did find the pebbly-ness of the maple ply to be … an interesting aesthetic choice. :no_mouth:

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