Proofgrade Material arrived bowed/ warped

Hi there! I am brand new to this community and I have been loving my Glowforge Aura. I ordered some proof grade materials (wood) from Glowforge but it arrived bowed/ warped. Is this something that has occurred for others? Customer support gave me some tips on attempting to flatten my materials and if those tips don’t work after a week they will replace them. I am just wondering if this is something common? Thanks!


Wood is an organic material that is reactive to the environment. Changes in humidity and temperature will cause warping. This is true of Glowforge materials as well as those purchased from Big Box stores and independent wood suppliers.


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Yes, depending on your local environment. Best to store your materials flat. What I do is sight down the edge of the material to see which way the ‘crown’ of the warp is, put that side down and pin the edges.


Thank you to both of you, I appreciate the feedback. This is helpful. Happy to be apart of the Glowforge fam :sunglasses:.


There are years of experience with these machines and every material you can imagine here using the search tool (magnifying glass) in the upper right by your avatar, or you can just throw your question on the table here. Somebody will have been there, and done that.


You might also store all the wood flat and possibly with a weight on it. That way when the wood gets warped it warps closer to flat.


Thank you!

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I have a stack of materials over a foot tall, and none of it ever arrived warped.

It’s stacked on a shelf rated for something rediculous like 400lbs, perfectly flat.


I’ve had pretty good luck with my Proofgrade, but have definitely had materials warp en route. It’s annoying, but you’ve gotten excellent advice. I’m not sure what the best hold-down solution (likely honeycomb pins!) is for the Aura, but whatever it is, it’s your friend.


Magnets! They don’t cause the head to error like the performance GFs and the Aura’s honeycomb is more a thin perforated plate.

I’ve occasionally had materials arrive warped - they usually flatten back out in a week or so as they normalize to our (lack of) humidity level.


There is no head fan like the others? It was moving electricity in a magnetic field that messed my pro.

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Thank you for all the advice! So helpful!

It has a much smaller fan and much smaller head in general.

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