Proofgrade Material - Cutting Area

Does anyone know how to align materials inside the Glowforge to allow the machine to print all the way to the edge of the materials? Specifically, I’m using a piece of the proofgrade medium plywood, which I believe is cut at the max size to begin with. Judging from the way it’s cutting right now, it looks like I should have pulled the material all the way to the front of the machine toward the door.

For reference, there’s an older thread on alignment that’s related, but looks to be more of a product ask.

Yes, place the lower right-hand corner of the material at the front right corner of the GRID area on the tray.

The material has to be over the grid part of the tray. There will be about half an inch on the right side that you can’t cut, and about 3/4 inch on the left side that you can’t cut. There will also be a segment along the top that you can’t cut until you turn the material over and bring that edge into the printing area. But you can reuse that strip later for small cuts. So you can cut all the way to the front and rear edges of the material. For the strips on the side, you can break off any little remaining bits and just turn them on the bed for other small cuts.


Thanks for the great advice, @Jules. @lu2lin, if you run into any trouble, please create a new post here!