Proofgrade Material Needed for Recalibration of Aura

Hello fellow GForgers! I am a super excited newbie here, with my GF Aura that I just began using less than 2 weeks now. I am already experiencing issues with it not cutting through completely on Eco Thin Black Proofgrade Acrylic. Also, some cutting & engraving alignment being off/moving from my original placement, as well as cutting square objects slightly slanted/angled. I have cleaned it thoroughly, waited a day & cleaned it again just in case I missed any soot particles. I am trying to do a recalibration, but instructions state to use draftwood which I don’t have & read isn’t compatible with the Aura. The closest Michael’s is a drive away. Does anyone know if I can use a new/unused sheet of proof grade black acrylic instead?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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Recalibrating the lid camera has nothing whatsoever to do with the issues you are experiencing. The lid camera exists to show the user the bed, but does not influence the movement of the printhead. If you use the set focus tool prior to placing your artwork, you will solve the issue of things seeming to move after you place them.

Cutting through issues can usually be addressed by clean optics and fans. However, if you use Proofgrade settings on Proofgrade material and it doesn’t work, Glowforge will reimburse the material cost.


Thank you for responding @dklgood & for your input, it is greatly appreciated. What area should I select for the ‘set focus’ when printing multiple items on the available space on my material (like what’s in the pictures)?

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I think you’re looking at the calibration instructions for the bigger GFs, not the Aura or Spark for which draftboard is NOT recommended to use at all. Aura was calibrated with a sheet of plain paper when got mine.

Things being off square usually points to a gantry misalignment. With the Aura OFF (unplug it!) gently move the gantry all the way forward and then all the way back. Then plug it in and try another cut.


Thank you for responding @ekla. Your input, it is greatly appreciated. I will try your suggestion, hope it works.