"Proofgrade material not found"

I’m starting to loathe this message more than the Zip drive click of death, the Blue Screen of Death on a PC, the spinning color wheel on a MAC, or a car sensor saying you have a problem when you just paid an ungodly amount of money to fix the aforementioned problem. :rofl:

All jokes aside, this is beyond frustrating. I keep getting that error, and I’ve gone through several boards where the laser hasn’t cut through all the way, wasting about $150 dollar of materials :frowning:

– I cleaned all the lenses and the camera, as per Glowforge’s instructions
– I made sure I am using the default settings recommended by GF
– I made sure the vent is functioning, so it’s not an issue of any dust/material blocking the lense and/or preventing the laser to cut through as it’s supposed to

I am not sure what else to do. I just launched my store a few months ago, I have orders coming in for Halloween and Xmas, and this starts happening again.

If anyone from Glowforge is on, please suggest something and help me out!

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Glowforge support does not monitor this forum, so all you will hear from are other users.

When things don’t cut through Proofgrade materials there are certain things to check. From your post you seem to have hit most of them. All of the optics and fans must be clean and the material needs to be held flat against the honeycomb tray. If your cuts are almost complete, simply slow your speed a bit. Are the failed cuts uniform across the board or more on one side or the other? Are the failed cuts on big area cuts, small detailed cuts or both?


Thanks for the thoughts :slight_smile: I actually thought they monitor this forum, but I guess I was wrong!

Yeah, the material is as flat as can be - I clip it to the honeycomb tray with wooden clips. I’m actually trying to slow the speed down and see how it works.

The cuts are random, which made me think that I may have some errant vector points that GF picks up on for some reason, but after checking my files, I see that where the glitches and incomplete cut-throughs occur is on smooth curves/straights with no errant points.

The areas themselves are fairly small, but none are small than within a .25inch space (if that makes sense.)

Here’s the issue I am having even at the slower cutting speed. I get these little notches/glitches (no other way to describe them) and sometimes the interior pieces are stuck just a bit and I have to cut through those bits w/ a knife, and sometimes the laser cuts through, but those little notches remain, and it looks like a half-assed product. I need to get a clean cut, and not sure what’s happening to cause this.

Are you using PG material? If not, other material may have some glued areas that are difficult if not impossible to cut through…

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If you want to make sure it’s your design and not the machine, you could always go back and print the Gift of Good Measure. If everything is ok with that, then you’ll know it’s something going on with your design.

If you want anyone to be an extra pair of eyes and help check your design for something going on, if you upload it here, it’s highly likely that a few of us will take a look and provide feedback. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it’s PG material I bought from GF. :frowning:

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Have you printed the Gift of Good Measure on Proofgrade material with Proofgrade settings? Doing so helps diagnose specific performance problems.

Yes, I did. My GF still fails to detect the PG material even when the barcode is facing up and hasn’t been partially cut or removed.

Just select the material from the drop-down menu. I put PG in with the sticker down anyway as you can’t engrave thru it. It’s just a gimmick, especially now with the massive retail-oriented stickers…


I’ve done that…it’s still giving me the ‘Proofgrade not found’ message.

It cuts through, but ‘stutters’ at few specific spots - that’s the best way I can describe it!

Yes, it will say Proofgrade not found any time it can not read the sticker even if you select it manually. Doesn’t affect the settings, it’s just their legal disclaimer…

If it stutters at the same point, check the file.

It stutters at different points - and my lines are clean, believe me. :wink:

I thought that you said before that it stutters at a few specific points, so now I am confused.

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Yes it does - sorry if the word ‘specific’ threw you off. I didn’t mean it as at the same exact points in the design :slight_smile:

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