Proofgrade Material Sustainable? Eco-Friendly?

Hello Glowforge Forum! I have appreciated all of the help and guidance for my amazing GF machine. This forum is the reason I can make the things I make!

I had a quick question for the Glowforge staff and/or anyone who may know the answer. I want to know where the proofgrade materials come from (more specifically the woods). Are they sourced with sustainable practices? Contain recycled content? Etc. My business relies on working with and alongside companies that are dedicated to these practices. Any thoughts or guidance will greatly be appreciated.

Thank you!


Are you needing certified sustainable material?

Or just more inquisitive about the origin, harvesting practice, etc.?

I guess both… I’m interested in knowing the details about the proofgrade materials but I am also interested in any other companies that are in line with eco-friendly practices.


GF is pretty tight-lipped about exactly what they use for a laser-safe finish, so I am not sure they’ll tell you a great deal about what it is, but they might well comment on how sustainable it is. I’m curious to see what the response is here.

At some point they had a brief mention of sustainability and the region it came from. Don’t believe it’s still in the description though.