Proofgrade "New Material" First Encounter



So as not to hijack the @dwardio topic in the first 10 posts. See Draftboard est arrivé!

The first thing I noticed with the new material is that there is no selection in the GFUI menu for the material whether I search or not. Decisions, decisions. I’m doing my first cut using Medium Maple Plywood as the setting.

So far so good. I did two different engraves and cuts. On the cuts you get a lot more of the brownnig of the masking material, same thing on dark engrave.

I created a part we’ve all seen just for reference. I’d completed one part previously so I changed the engrave to the light setting for this part.

Here is what the “new material” looks like.

Draftboard est arrivé!

Don’t sweat the camera. Sometimes it looks clear and sometimes not. Make sure that the dimension is entered correctly for thickness, which if you use medium maple plywood should be the same thickness, but without a sample and a caliper, it’s good to check this.

And such a funny thing that the Draftboard is a no show in the materials list. Sometimes I wonder.


Yup, they’re apparently moving at different speeds between the software team and the PG fulfillment teams.

I didn’t bother with the calipers. I didn’t figure a thou or two would make much of a difference. I’ll just keep playing with this sheet to see what happens with different settings.I’ll throw the calipers on it eventually.


LOL! I thought about announcing “It’s here, It’s here, I got the first one” but in light of the Pro shipping notice I deferred lest I be hunted with pitchforks and torches for causing crowds of cardiac events :smile:

I was looking at Medium Maple Hardwood for the settings but figured I’d run my cut calibration template.

It looks like they fixed the PG cut settings (on PRUs we were told to use some specific settings not the software’s).

Gonna run some stuff this weekend to see how it goes together and compare it to the real wood stuff.


You would be surprised at what a thousandth of an inch will do to focus.


Yes and no.

I know it will de-focus the beam right at the surface but I’m not sure exactly what the GF is doing.To put it another way, after seeing how sharp an image is that was scanned on the GF I’m not sure what exactly is going on for the focus at the top of the material. I’ve been assuming that the camera focusing on the material, as it does before every print, is verifying that the material is at least in bounds of the PG setting for that material. Since I’ve yet to have the GF recognize any material from the QR code though I really don’t know.

I’ll make it a point to try the calipers on it before the next run. I haven’t got to the point you’re at with doing inlays, etc. I’m still fumbling thru the interface and playing with stuff more on the design side.

I’m interested to see what @jamesdhatch gets in his calibration template tests. I’m not quite there yet :slight_smile:


If you don’t get a clear image ever and never had the QR code recognized, there may be a problem with the lid focus for sure. If you aren’t doing precise camera alignment it’s not that big of deal and since you can manually enter material, that helps. Would be interested in why the lid camera isn’t focused. In the end seeing the material on the bed clearly is a big plus. Hope they get it sorted out.


Does Draftboard have MDF facings or does that still have the masking on? I can’t see any grain.


@dwardio said both sided are masked.


Yes I assumed it comes masked but was asking if the ruler pictured above still has the masking on or is that the finished surface?


I see many slight shades in it. From the pictures @dwardio posted, the masking material didn’t show the shades.


Draftboard is not a wood with a grain. An MDF like material. The ruler picture shows the unfinished, unmasked surface.


There ruler is unmasked so to speak. Regular MDF finish.

Doesn’t hold the light engrave well (look at the longer lines on graduations and the outer edge) but this looks like it will be good to test any cut concepts and should also be useful for making drawer bottoms :grin:


Might add, the cheaper, unfinished Draftboard would be a better choice for something to be painted. Using the Proofgrade plywoods or hardwoods is more expensive and the finish doesn’t lend itself well to paint.

A thin strong unfinished MDF material was used for my first project. Since the grain of the wood is unimportant the Draftboard would have been perfect.


From the @dwardio thread



It’s there now!


Since the UI is browser based, this stresses the importance of having your browser up to date and cache maintenance.


Yup, that’s how I roll. The browser is always up to date.

Forgot to clear the cache. Now I know better :slight_smile:


items served from the web can be marked do not cache. Perhaps the UI needs some more items in the list.


There’s an idea. Is that possible from the user side? Can I set that in Chrome?