Draftboard est arrivé!


Look what was waiting on my doorstep…

The name still freaks me out a bit…

Proofgrade "New Material" First Encounter
Proofgrade "New Material" First Encounter

Looks nice! Did they put masking on that too?


Yes, both sides. Headed out to dinner, will post something tomorrow.




Right? I hope they didn’t pay for someone to name it. Despite the name I look forward to hearing how it goes.



(And filler text to let discourse let me post…)


I must really be out of it…for a moment, I thought it said Dashboard. :no_mouth:


Had to try three times before spellchecker stopped “correcting” it to Dartboard. :smiley:


Confirming what @hansepe and @marmak3261 mentioned in another thread: As of June 30th, there are no proofgrade settings in the Ui for this new Proofgrade material. :no_mouth:

Disappointing, given that there are settings for :proofgrade: materials that aren’t yet available for sale, e.g. Florescent acrylic in multiple colors.

Since it’s based on the ply filler used in other :proofgrade: products, I’ll try some of the ply settings, as @hansepe suggested… :thinking:


If you don’t see Draftboard settings in your UI, try forcing a browser cache refresh.

Many thanks to @Rita for the quick support response!

Proofgrade "New Material" First Encounter

That’s the ticket. Worked like a charm. Thanks.


Interesting. When I looked for it last night I didn’t see it. And that was on a new PC (my previous one bricked the bios a couple of weeks ago). I didn’t check on the GF laptop which has connected before. But the new one did have all the new colored acrylic settings. Just no Draftboard. Maybe they added it in after I checked last night.


After searching “Draftboard” and reading all of the posts, I’m still at a bit of a loss. I’m thinking it is pressboard, or MDF if you prefer, with veneer glued to both sides. Is this correct?

I would have gone to the store, where I’m sure there is a good product description, but I haven’t received my email yet.

I’d just like to know a little about the proofgrade options that will be available when the time comes. Thanks. :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen it yet either, but a couple of folks have gotten some -

Looks like MDF without veneer. (It does come masked.)


Interesting. Looking forward to hearing how well it cuts. If it works well for the testers, I think I have a project it would work perfect for.

Thanks for the info.


Looks like plywood with MDF outer surfaces to me. Never heard of that before.


I don’t have any draftboard so can only go from pictures and the Proofgrade plywood that I have. @hansepe post of his ruler looks exactly like the MDF material that is between the two veneers in the Proofgrade plywood I have.

Suspect it’s just a solid piece of fine particle MDF, a little thicker than the center ply of the Proofgrade plywoods so that it can be used as a prototyping material.


The picture at the top looks like it has about seven layers.


Look at the bottom of that photo. It appears that it is actually a stack of several sheets of Draft Board instead of layers.


yeah, this stuff is only like an 1/8" or something isn’t it?