ProofGrade pricing

I realize that the store is not open to me until (I believe) my Glowforge is on the way? However for budgeting purposes I was wondering if anyone knew prices for the proofgrade materials? I have been looking at other materials online but just for comparison I would like to know what it will cost for materials already known to work well in the Glowforge.


What the material costs will be based on what you are looking to buy. A sheet of gold is going to cost more than a sheet of maple :smiley:

Prices are on par with competitors.

I think I’m allowed to give a quick example:
6" x 12" Medium Walnut Hardwood (Finished) is $7 as of 21:45 EDT on 06-June-2017.
Thing is, everything’s beta right now. Prices and materials can and will change. So I don’t know how much that’ll really help you, but I hope it does!


Thank you, that helps. I understand that prices will probably change but this at least gives me a range to prepare for.

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