Proofgrade quality issue

The first few bad PF sheets that had issues I just chalked up to one of those things, but now I’m up to five bad boards and it’s getting expensive :frowning:

The first three consisted of two cherry boards and one poplar board with rough patches in the finish.

The first photo a maple board that had marks in the board. The marks were covered in finish so it appeared to happen during production.

The second set of pics is a poplar board that had a large rough section in the finish.


Though I hit the little heart button, I really don’t like this. There’s been a rash of bad product reported over the last several days, but I know that support is taking care of everyone quickly and fairly. I’m betting the place in Tennessee will be getting a good ‘talking to’ about this.


It’s at times like this that it hits home that we’re really early adopters. Quality control is tricky, for sure.


Having the same problem too. The finish on all of my recently purchased PF maple is ALL over the place. Now everything looks a little different… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve seen several folks getting fast replacement of these by the Support team. This has got to be adding up for GF. Bet they are having an ‘interesting’ discussion with the supplier.


Issues with suppliers, especially with new products, is an unfortunate reality. How glowforge handles it is the question.

A complicating factor for glowforge is the masking: hard to do an incoming inspection when defects are hid under the masking. You don’t find out until your customers complain.


Yeah, that’s really why I finally said something. One occasional bad board wasnt worrisome, but the percentage of bad boards in my last shipment is not good and they should know about it.

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Thank you for letting us know. I’m so sorry for the less than perfect sheets of Proofgrade. I’ve sent an email to clarify some specific questions and credit your account. I’m going to close this thread, but if you experience any other Proofgrade trouble, please let us know.