Proofgrade settings not working

I’ve never seen two sheets with the same barcode. I’m pretty sure they each have a unique identifier.

I haven’t seen any evidence that the identifiers are connected to different settings, however. But I haven’t looked closely at the settings that come up for each piece to see if they’re any different from the generic ones you get from the “choose a material” menu.

I wonder how the material thickness is set for the camera view. People say it doesn’t matter if it can’t read the barcode because you can select if from the list. Does that mean that all PG materials have the same nominal thickness or does the Barcode actually convey a measurement?

Has anybody compared a measured thickness to what the GFUI says? It takes a measurement for focus but that implies the thickness it uses for the camera is not very accurate. Has anybody tried measuring it and entering a more accurate value? Would that improve camera accuracy?

The QR code just reads as an identifying code for the material. The Glowforge then connects to a database over the internet to retrieve the settings for that material.

If the reports we’ve seen are correct that every individual piece of PG material (rather than each type of material) has a unique code, it’s possible (though highly unlikely, I would assume) that there may be some possibility for each piece to have its own settings with very precise thickness measurements.

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Since the machine only has 16 possible focus heights (0.0278" per step over a range of 0.417"), having a super precise measurement of the material thickness would seem to be unnecessary.

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Material thickness is also used to correct distortion from the camera, isn’t it? Precise data should make that process more accurate, maybe even to the point of making visual alignment in the GFUI feasible.

Certainly, and I agree that it could improve the visual alignment. I’m not sure what the variance is in the thickness from batch to batch, nor could I guess -how much- of an improvement it could make.

My comment was intended in respect to the issue the OP was having (i.e. inconsistent cuts). I don’t know if it would make much of a difference in that regard.

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