Proofgrade shipping and mix up

Not so much a problem, as a “just letting you know”
I ordered PG materials last week, (Monday the 19th) Couple days later I got my shipping notification. (A lot faster than I expected considering the holidays and such)
As usual, the shipping email had a tracking number that led back to UPS. Only this wasn’t a UPS tracking number, and even UPS said the number didn’t exist.
Materials arrived today via fed ex.
Again, not an issue for me, just letting you know there seems to be a mix up somewhere over who is delivering what, and tracking numbers.

i got my tracking number via email and went directly to FedEx’s web site for tracking…

This was the first time my materials came via fed ex, it’s always been UPS, so I didn’t even think twice about the UPS tracking link. Didn’t even notice it wasn’t a UPS tracking number until later that day when I tried to check it again.

Thank you so much for letting me know. I’ll look into what happened!