Proofgrade Shipping - UPS Handling & Lack of protection

UPS just dropped off our large order of Proofgrade. Every single box (4 of them) were split open. All of the sheets were loose in the boxes. Also all of the boxes where compacted vertically as there where no supports around the perimeter of the sheets in the box. They were just ‘floating’ in there. So basically just the Proofgrade itself in an ‘oversized’ box.

You may want to use foam inserts (i.e. four bars that mate around the sheet or any medium that interfaces between the box and the sheets in the box.) so that the sheets can fit into as those as these boxes are larger than the sheets themselves. (FYI, They all had ‘STARTER PACK’ printed on them.) This would provide axial and vertical support. Vs. the sheets just sliding around in a box with a big ole’ split on the side.

If this is something that is already your SOP for shipping Proofgrade, then that step was skipped on our order. 4 times.


i’ve had several proofgrade deliveries. they’ve all been poorly packed and the boxes crushed.

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I have received materials from several; sources and the only one not packed that way came from Michaels and it was a huge box of balloons with the wood on the bottom (but it was shrinkwrapped together, however, ten at a time was how it was sold, so that was probably not special thsat way.

Oh no! Thanks for the suggestions and feedback! I’ll make sure the team gets them. Please write to us at and send pictures if your materials were damaged and we’ll follow up with next steps.