Proofgrade to Canada

New topic since the previous topic closed before we got delivery.

Anything new on proofgrade being shipped to Canada?

I got this reply a day ago :

Regretfully, I don’t have more information for you today – we’ll continue to make updates here as we make progress internationally: International Shipping Latest

I do want to make sure that you saw this Latest Improvement, too, as we took a big step towards the international shop with this roll-out in July:

Cheers. With a batch of Canadians with these things who’ve likely burned through their proofgrade it’s good to hear there’s attention on it.

I just bought a sheet of MDF I’ll have to cut to fit in the GF. Still a bit new, hard to find laser safe providers.

I order PG materials direct and use DYKPost from here in Edmonton. I have a free address at Montana Mailbox Inc. Packages arrive in Sweetgrass, MT. Packages are then sent to Edmonton or Calgary depending on your location. DYK Post will send you an email with duties and taxes due. You stop in, pay, and receive your packages. They will handle pallets if you require that too.

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I had to sign up for a Trotec account to get materials, even though I don’t own one of their machines. Will be getting materials for this company.

I’m not that far from the border and I won’t be returning the Proofgrade. I could do that.