Proofgrade to Canada

New topic since the previous topic closed before we got delivery.

Anything new on proofgrade being shipped to Canada?

I got this reply a day ago :

Regretfully, I don’t have more information for you today – we’ll continue to make updates here as we make progress internationally: International Shipping Latest

I do want to make sure that you saw this Latest Improvement, too, as we took a big step towards the international shop with this roll-out in July:

Cheers. With a batch of Canadians with these things who’ve likely burned through their proofgrade it’s good to hear there’s attention on it.

I just bought a sheet of MDF I’ll have to cut to fit in the GF. Still a bit new, hard to find laser safe providers.

I order PG materials direct and use DYKPost from here in Edmonton. I have a free address at Montana Mailbox Inc. Packages arrive in Sweetgrass, MT. Packages are then sent to Edmonton or Calgary depending on your location. DYK Post will send you an email with duties and taxes due. You stop in, pay, and receive your packages. They will handle pallets if you require that too.

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I had to sign up for a Trotec account to get materials, even though I don’t own one of their machines. Will be getting materials for this company.


I’m not that far from the border and I won’t be returning the Proofgrade. I could do that.

So where do Canadians here get their materials and do they work well with the Glowforge ?
I saw Trotec mentionned, any place else ?


I still buy PG materials from Glowforge. I have them shipped to my Montana address then to Edmonton.

I have gone to Winsor Plywood for the Baltic Birch sheets at 1/8" and 1/4" thick. I have them cut down to 12" x 20"ish pieces. They also have MDF etc and will cut to suit and other special woods.

I have purchased from Trotec and am very satisfied with the foam and acrylic purchased. They have also done their research and I will continue to buy.

There is also CESCO or Canadian Engraver Supply Company in Ont and Calgary. (
Good service from this company as well.


If you download the CESCO catalogue can you see their prices or how do you know those prices without calling them?

I have ordered from both Trotec and Canada engravers. Trotec more organized. Canada engravers you have to tell them what you want from their catalogue / price list and they will tell you if they have in stock. Price list I am told changes from time to time. You can pick up from both companies in Mississauga. Or have delivered.


Haha, well picking up in Ontario would be a bit of a road trip from Vancouver Island lol. I think Trotec has a Vancouver location as well. No biggy. I just really hate websites that won’t publish their prices and I couldn’t find any on that CESCO site.

Lol oh that’s a nice road trip! Ya I didn’t enjoy the process of picking my items then being told it was available and the prices are would be different from the catalogue. Anyways Tortec seems good so far !

Excellent. I’m still using stuff from Home Depot. I don’t have any fancy projects and most things I do get painted anyway. Maybe someday I’ll find a need for better supplies. Always good to know where to go I say.

Hi am I missing something or is the price of those vendors crazy expensive? Comparing either with the proof grade or delvies plastic… Not sure if my math for size is wrong or the currency conversion but ugh looks like “laser grade” Canadian material is priced for the niche market…should I just troll around US sites and hope they will ship to my address? And find a lumberyard for wood sheets and pay to have them cut to Glowforge size ?

So I just ordered from Trotec they are having a sale right now on cast acrylic. I went to order the wood and it was 53 for 24x11 . CESCO has it for $32 … so ordering from two companies . It hasn’t been easy - I wish I could just get the proof grade ! One place not from different sources.

Trotec is having a sale - but saw that the wood is more expensive than the Canada engravers.

Hi thanks for letting me know about the sale… still expensive but I purchased a few acrylics for proof of concept.
I also went to hardware store and craft store…
I bought birch which shouldn’t be a problem for the glowforge cutting.
However I have questions concerning if it is safe to cut the following
White Markerboard

Those last 2 have some kind of “finish” on them so since I am not sure if it is any toxic, what is the best way to make sure ?
Should I just start a cut of a small square ?

Thanks for all your help !

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