Proposed Merit Badges



Requirements: Created an awesome stamp; forgot to mirror it first.

Any other “outstanding achievements” that your fellow Glowforge owners might unlock?

Oops, I did it again!

Box joints!




Sticky Fingers – glue abuse
Mirror Mirror – good name for yours
Pioneer – Vapor something new (success not required – think pumpkin pie)
Skunk – forget to set exhaust or open gate
Deja Vu – make some number (25 50 100) or more of same item
Deep Dive – first depth engrave
Bender – Living Hinge
Endless – use the PRO pass through.

Gah… Can go on all night.
Need a game maker handle.
Toy maker.
Holidays – Christmas, valentines, (huge list)
Puzzle makers.
Wall Art.

There is an endless list of things that are achievements or firsts.


Yes, and dangit, I’ve already earned most of yours and will probably never get the badge. :laughing:


First print
2 year commitment
Never gave up hope


I really like deep dive and think we should introduce levels on top, like
Expert Diver: 100 3d engraves
Diving Instructor: 500 3d engraves

Or something like that.


I think you have to at least doodle a proposed badge or it doesn’t count.


Ahh I get it. You are going to allow us to paint that fence for you…

I get bored later, will see what I can think up.


First time tripping a breaker


Changed “Cut” or “Score” to “Engrave”

Asset 1


Two “better” suggestions and I’ll stop :slight_smile: .

HELPER for somebody that regularly hangs out in the “Problem and Solutions” and offers aid and advice. Called out by staff for providing solutions

DOCENT for people that have created tutorials, or that offer help and advice on a regular basis

Asset 3

These could actually be a single badge - I’d go with Docent.


Dadgummit! I’m interrupting my vacation to do this one, but can’t help it… :smile:

Mistakenly cut Extruded Acrylic thinking it was Cast Acrylic:


(And @brokendrum, you prompted this one by mentioning a skunk up above…it really fits!)

Okay, I’m getting back out of here before I get yelled at. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I haven’t really finished these, but close enough. From the top:

  1. Recycler - for responding to a thread more than 6 months old
  2. Hedgehog - lets move on… I got nothing
  3. WiFi Master - for walking others through settin up WiFi to their GF
  4. Atlas - for providing links to cleaning, matrix, days to delivery, etc.
  5. Science - for those that have used their GF for science
  6. Fixer - for helping others fix files, pick a color, etc.

Have fun.



There needs to be one for when you (accidentally or on purpose) position your design so that just the tiniest bit of it ends up off the side of your material.


They’re happy in Denmark :smile:



The sad ones are better for infants.


One everybody gets sooner or later.

Kind of unhappy with these, but the point is made.
You got one in house - you get a finger wave for good measure.


Now you’re encouraging me. LOL

Eyeballed Design Badge - for when it looked good to you!

Asset 2