Prototype I want to Forge



Wanting to get practice using software for future projects, I started with this simple form:

I used 123D Design and 123D Make for the sphere. Then I imported the cut file to Silhouette Design and added the ears. This was cut from chipboard (<1mm thick).

I am happy with the results. I want to make this out of wood, and include a base for it to sit on. Or, they could turn into Christmas tree ornaments. :slight_smile:


Oh! Inspiration comes from everywhere. This gives me an idea for a pocket dump/EDC holder. I’m thinking death star instead of MM though.


That would be some cute tree ornaments! :relaxed:


Good on you for learning the tools and creating, even without the Glowforge! A good example for us all.


So you cut it on your silhouette? I love MM!! (For those that may have seen the post with a few of my ornaments may know Im a Disney nut . Not even counting all the Big Figs, linens, kitchen plates and bowls, toaster, waffle maker, rugs, blankets, towels ( and the kohler disney bathroom sink).


Yes, I used the Silhouette. The slices are a little wider than the thickness of the chipboard, but once all pieces are assembled, they stay together nicely. I would share the file, but I don’t know how to convert it to an accepted format for the forum :confused:.


Make it bigger and it can be a party centerpiece that holds candy. Sort of like the rocket I made.


This would be awesome for displaying Lego Minifigs!


And now a seed has been planted!


If you were displaying minifigs, you could zap tiny foot indents.


I want a better way to display my Homies collection. Most of them stand up on their own but some fall over easily, and some Just. Won’t. Balance.

When they fall, they take others down around them, and reaching in to stand them up just makes more come tumbling down.

Would be nice to get them out from their hidey-hole. And I have plenty more toys that want to be displayed more… properly-like… as well.

Mayhaps they will be illuminated, protective displays that prevent dust build-up and kitty attacks…


Wow! That’s a quite a collection! (And for me, it would be a dusting nightmare, but different strokes…chuckle!.)

A tiny spot of museum wax on the bottom of the topple-prone figures will keep them in place. (It’s non-damaging.)


Oh my gosh, I LOVE Homies! I had no idea there were so many!


Good to see you around Morgan!
How’s the factory installed 3D print coming along?


Thanks! It’s happening fast–my “printer” has apparently kicked into express mode, because I’m at month 6 and just got hit by the roly-poly truck. It’s watermelon-smuggling time in galumph city here these days. Fortunately, I’m feeling a lot of kicks, hiccups, and other amusing internal burbles to help me keep the faith that this is all going to work out well (plus, you know, genetic tests and ultrasounds). Pregnancy is Not For Wimps, I’ll tell you that.

I’m putting what creative energies I have left into designing a couple of kickin’ leather diaper bags for my partner and myself, making them so they’ll double as laptop bags after Junior grows out of the poop-maintenance stage.

When the heck are we gonna get together for the inaugural meeting of the CO-GFUG? I’m sure looking forward to it!

GFUG (Glowforge User's Group) gatherings

Fingers crossed! Are you also designing your own slings, or will you go with one of the conventional versions?


On the advice of my birth class teacher, we’re going to try out a bunch of slings, carriers, etc., before investing our time and money into designing or buying a particular style. My guess is that we’ll end up going with ring slings (I’ve liked to wear other people’s babies in them), which is nice because they’re by far the easiest to make.


LOL – I was just talking to my wife about this… I’m psyched to get together with the local gang!

After seeing your post, this popped into my head:


NB: I wouldn’t dream of using the GF logo without permission of course…


Man, I really miss the Kidrobot store in Boulder…


Yeah, that place had serious style.