Prototype Quick Disconnect Magnetic Vent Hose Coupler

You need to watch AvE’s YouTube channel. Plug the kids’s ears, though. His command of English is absolutely breathtaking when it comes to helpful analogies, similes, metaphors and just plain funny ways of putting things.


I love his channels

Discovered his channel about a month ago. Love it and yes, he completely destroys any stereotype of only poorly educated people swear. “pixies.”


He is a riot… Headphones help.


My favorite line of his was referring to the roughly cut end of some angle iron as looking “like some apprentice went at it with a dull beaver.”


We’ve designed it for 8 ft and 2 90 degree bends.


Is there any issues with vent assist fans? Will drawing more air through the GF :glowforge: create mechanical/function issues?

I know that too much could cause the project material to move.

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I’m gonna have to try that next winter, or perhaps this winter, if that glowforge comes soon enough! Jk.

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Remember, cold drops and heat rises…having the outside vent like that is fine but you still need a shut off as it enters the house because the cold air will settle at the bottom of the tube…I use a blast gate.


Thank you for posting all of this. I love how detailed your posts are, because it lets me learn along with you.

I’ve found that eBay is the best source of rare earth magnets. You certainly get a better bang for your buck than a chain hardware store.


This place has a very wide variety of magnets at decent prices and they’ll fabricate to spec, I think. Check their surplus area for some nice specials.

They have some pretty good YouTube videos as well:


Ooh! Bookmarked for when I’m ready to order some magnets!

Finished a the vent cover as @lowside suggested and @Tony inspired:

The Italian reads literally “discharge vent”. I toyed with the idea of translating Glowforge or even putting the whole thing in Latin, but this works.

This is cheap plywood so it’s a little splintery, but as a prototype it works great.

I kept one layer of the Celotex plug just to give it a little more insulation. It’s dropping into the teens tonight.

Makes a much neater fix. Still has that unfinished look all in all because of the Duct tape and wallpaper, but it functions perfectly.

I used this image of a Roman utility access panel cover. I went ahead and did the whole drawing from scratch with Inkscape instead of the trace and fix. It worked fairly quickly and that makes it much easier to repurpose.

And here is the bitmap to be engraved.


Looks amazing! I really like how the design came out!


I’m really going to have to start using some other descriptive words besides great, fantastic, and ‘love’…but until I do, all those things I said…


I hear ya sista :laughing: I’ve been feeling the same way :yum:

Yes and that being said… great job @marmak3261😉

Keep up the good work!


Beautiful way to take a utilitarian part and make it fun and a piece of art. This was what the GF is made for. :slight_smile:


Brilliant! :smiley:

If I end up needing a hose vent, I plan on stealing your design idea with a minor adjustment since my only back window is a sliding glass door… BUT I should be find since I’m getting an air filter. :smiley:


Wow that looks awesome!

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I just love the way you incorporated cool things from your travels into this project! Well done!