Prototyping acrylic boxes



So one of my co-works stopped me yesterday asking if i could make etched acrylic boxes that we could use to dress up some client gifts. I said of course i can, and then down the Glowforge rabbit hole i went. Who needs sleep when you have a laser. :slight_smile:

They didn’t know exactly what the object will be or what the graphics will look like so i just mocked up a deck of cards holder. I used an online box generator to create the finger jointed box plan. Then i modified it to fit my design. Some how i messed up the alignment of the top cutout that i didn’t notice until too late.

But i am really happy on how well they fit together. It took a couple of tests to get the kerf right for a tight fit.

They loved them and want me to make 80 boxes!! Super excited about getting my first paying job!!! Can’t wait to see what they end up designing for the art.

More boxes

That didn’t take long! :grin:
(Cool looking boxes.)


Oh, that is so clever. I think of boxes and big square things that are primarily flat like a cigar box shape. To go vertical and think in different dimensions is a great inspiration. Gosh. If I smoked , I could make some cool cigarette boxes! Although I have been working up a design for a humidor for cigars.

Thanks for sharing.


wowza :heart_eyes:


These are fantastic! And SO cool that you got your first money maker!


I love these and I love that they became a paying gig. Great work!

I need to work up a list of some of the things that are possible and put them on my sites.


Very nice! I’ve made some similar but with a cover on the top that was just large enough to fit snug…
I’ve noticed over time that it tends to leave scratches where it rubs though…must adjust a tad maybe…


Very cool! And congrats on the first paying job with GF!! :tada:


Beautiful work!


These look amazing :heart_eyes:

In terms of workflow - did you adjust the kerf easily because you had a parametric design, or something like adding an offset or scaling? Or another way? I’m still trying to work out how to make that kind of adjustment - especially for a 3d object.

Is the kerf tight enough that these press fit together and stay, or did you use some kind of adhesive?


Those look Awesome! What adhesive did you use to get the nice, clear joints?

@marmak3261 - I’ve been working on a humidor too. Think they’ll get proofgrade Spanish Cedar?


Also, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you go about working out a price for these? I’m not looking for a specific value so much as what went into it (market comparison? whatever you think they’re worth? some kind of calculation including assembly time, materials, markup, etc.?)


Very nice work! Great you’re getting paid!!!
I sold my first item just yesterday myself. Just a single item though… Nothing like your 80 piece commission!


You are certainly creating a stellar bunch of projects lately! I love these boxes–so cool you are getting paid for them!


Fantastic!! And the boxes look really rad too!!


This is exactly what I was going to ask.


These are Awesome!!! I need to make at least a dozen similar to these for different card games that I have. I love the designs. I Can’t wait to use some of my Neon Acrylic. :heart_eyes:


Seriously nice work, they look great!


Very nice. @ianauch did you glue at all or is it just a friction fit?


I was planning on gluing them up, but i got such a tight fit that i might just leave them as friction fit.