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I was just visiting one of our San Diego public library’s and I found out they have a “IDEA LAB”. In the lab they have several different computers, 3d printers and a Glowforge Pro. I talked to the lab tech and scheduled a 50 minute appointment to bring in some of my projects and get some assistance. You must bring your own material and it has to be proof grade. I am so excited to actually be able to sit down with someone and learn how to resolve problems I have been having with my projects. The person I talked to seemed to be very knowledgeable. And it’s FREE. Just wanted to let everyone know about this service. I am so excited.
p.s. you don’t even need a library card


I hope you have a good session at the library. You could also share the problems you are having with your projects here in the forum and someone with experience may be able to assist you.


You are so fortunate! I live in a mid-size metropolitan area and the library tech is not very good. They used to have tech demos with 3D printers and such and they eliminated those. Not a whiff of a laser cutter.


I have gotten excellent support from the community here on the forum. They have always responded with good ideas. It will just be nice to sit down with someone and show them my problems in a hands on environment. Actually the one time I did contact Glowforge support I had a very good experience. Turned out it was my problem not reading directions, but they were still very supportive. thank you for your reply and I hope to have a good session at my local library.


I’m sure @dan and @emilyhuh will appreciate the kinds words. Most often support style things get the short end of peoples frustrations.

That is so awesome that your local library has a Glowforge and someone that will walk you through your questions! I’d love to know which library this is if you’re willing to share the info. Also so great to hear that you had a wonderful experience with our support team!

Thanks @wesleyjames . This made my day!

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