Publish or Perish D6 Die



My brother is a political scientist who has spent the past 40 years in academia. He was recently named professor emeritus, so I made him this 25mm D6 die to give him a bit more time for golf and travel…

Engraved at 1/200/240

I made another one and painted the engrave with acrylic paint, but I like this one better.

The faces are:

  • Accept
  • Reject
  • Minor Changes
  • Major Changes
  • Revise & Resubmit
  • Open Access!

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 3, 2017
Setting Sheet Thickness Defaults to .500

Cool! Love the personal touch! :smile::+1:


What a great gift!

Hey, if not acrylic paint, how’d you get the cool gold?


this is brilliant, great gift.


If they’re the dice I use, that’s the color of an engrave.


It’s just the color off the lasered acrylic. At arm’s length, it looks light brown / tan.


Yep - burnt urea :smile:


Oh nice! Looks a bit metallic inn the pic. Must be the lighting. Great contrast. Wil be attempting this soon!


This is a really cool idea.
This got me thinking about replacing the dice in a magic 8-Ball


Oh, so cool! I can see using these with all sorts of phrases to customize for each gifted.


Love this. I have a few things I was planning to do with dice, though not sure enough for the bulk order of dice I was planning.

Is anyone else having trouble figuring out the projects/materials balance?

Oops, I have this material, so I need a project for it. I have this project, now I need the material for it.


I… may… have this problem. Whether it’s needing to have 3D printer filament in every possible color just in case, drawers full of paper and vinyl for the craft cutter (but someday I might want to make birthday cards!), a pile of unused test materials and potentially-interesting-someday CNC bits (just have to have a free weekend to spend experimenting with feeds and speeds), or the electronics parts that are threatening to turn my basement into a Digi-Key warehouse (nothing worse than being in the middle of a project and not having the right n-channel MOSFET)… it will only get worse when I have a laser as yet another excuse to speculatively acquire supplies for it.


I was JUST discussing with my wife that we need to establish a personal materials budget. That is to say, that materials we use on items to sell have no limit, but for personal use we need one. If we don’t, well, I can’t afford the habit we’re about to suffer.


If you were to tell me that this is how all of my papers were evaluated I would 100% believe you. Hilarious idea!


I forgot to mention that the inspiration for this project was the recent unveiling of a monument to peer review in Moscow:

Their version only had five options for obvious reasons, so I added “Open Access!” :wink:


I’m very excited :grinning:, just to imagine that I could make dice for everything, what I eat, where to go, who pays the bill hahaha I would not have to decide anything :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m totally making a “where to eat” set… that’s a great idea


and for the spouses of folks like your brother: “I choose an Academic life.” not an easy path…


Looks like an excellent result. I’m definitely going to doing some dice once the GF comes in.


where do you get the dice?

My daughter likes to make games, so if we can create custom dice, she is going to go ballistic. but in a good way. :slight_smile: