Setting Sheet Thickness Defaults to .500


I was trying to cut a sheet that has a thickness of 0.93" and is none PG. The GF App would not take this value and would instantly reset to 0.500" If I used a value of 0.125" or another over 0.1 it would take it no problem. Yesterday I was cutting acrylic at 0.065 all day long. What is going on?? I should be able to cut whatever thickness that I input.


I had a similar thing happen when I was changing #/passes. I ended up having to close and re-open my browser, and then it would accept any value I wanted. Not sure if you’re experiencing the same.

Edit: Never mind. My apologies. I wasn’t looking at the value… just the problem. Others are correct… The max is 0.50".


The maximum allowed material thickness is .500", so if you put in something taller than a half inch, it won’t accept that value.


0.93 inches is too thick for the tray and too thin without it. You’ll need to use some risers to get into focus range, 0 being the height of the honeycomb bed. There are some great tutorials and calculators over in Tips & Tricks. :+1:


Did you mean to enter .093? That would be less than .1. A value of .93 would be almost an inch, far to large to fit.



(I’m gonna just go ahead and delete all that crap I wrote now.) :smile:


Sorry Made a mistake I was trying 0.093 not 0.9


Oops. In the immortal words of Emily Latella: “Nevermind.” :smiley:


I’m glad you solved it. If you run into anything else, please post a new topic.

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