Purebond plywood

After reading here about Purebond Maple plywood, I decided to get some to try. We have very wet winters in British Columbia, and by the time I got home it had warped a lot.

It’s cut into Forge size pieces now, and weighted down flat. I will check back after a while and let everyone know how it works out. The good side of the material is very nice; back side less so, but still quite usable. It will be interesting to see how well it cuts.


Maybe where you are at in BC but not were am or the majority of the province :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: . All winter long it is a struggle to get the RH above 15%

Interested to see how that plywood works out for you.

Much of Canada struggles with destroying electronics due to static sparks during the winter. We battle mold and moss.


I use a good bit of the 1/4", but I get them to cut to size for me, then stack it and bind it until I get it home.
I live in South Mississippi where we are rarely below 100% RH, so I can feel your pain. Plus, it’s the wettest winter (if you want to call it a winter) in years.

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You must be in the Vancouver area

well, I knew it was gonna warp as I was carrying it out. It should be OK - might have to pin it down to cut…

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In the US, they sell it in pre-cut 'forge-sized packs. That may not help you but perhaps others.

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Open flame inside the house (fireplace, even a hot water heater or stove) is also terrible for electronics that use connections or removable chips.
Most of the time you can just reset the chips into the socket and gain connection with the new skinned leg.
But the connectors eventually require some robust cleaning.

Static is terrible, but I have been told the higher your elevation, the more common ball lightening is. I have only seen it in a workplace environment, and that is wild enough without seeing it in your back yard or living room.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled program…

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HD sells pre warped plywood. Maybe the RH would straighten it?


Yeah, bet it would. Now about this bridge that I do not use anymore…

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Yes, east of; Chilliwack. Land of river Salmon & sweet corn.

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I wonder how many here are from BC? I’m in Victoria, the land of the newly wed and nearly dead lol.

Hey @beerfaced I thought that was Whiterock… Did you order your Glowforge to a US shipping company and import it like I did?

No, I had it delivered to my house.

I’m from Fort St. John

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We have a place we ship to in Sumas that works well. I think they exist in Blaine also. It got me my unit a bit earlier that way.

Welcome Ft St. John! I really want to go and visit S&S Turbine up there. They have an Orenda Iroquois engine up there that escaped the scrapping of the Arrow. It was in England at the time and Robin Sipes has brought it back to Canada. He is rebuilding it!


Yeah they are some pretty neat guys, they are just out of town a little ways. been there a couple times

No way! Watched many AgentZ videos. Ever watch a test?

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Nah never been that lucky, just tagged along with a friend of mine he knows them pretty well. My work scheduled has never really lined up with their tests tho. I work around some massive engines from time to time with my trade so i tend to get my fill of loud and awesome as it is hehe.