Purple Acrylic Cutting Issue

My purple acrylic isn’t cutting through and it’s ruining my materials. Tried calling GF but no answer. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated

I believe the Eco Thin material is specified for your Aura, if the operation fails with proofgrade settings I think the company will replace your material.
It would help support to have the date of the operation, time, and time zone so they can look at the machine logs.


It looks like your lens isn’t focused. Try using the same setting, but use Set Focus (under the 3 dot menu) first - it just might work.
I’d also give your machine a thorough wipe-down since there’s clearly a lot of extra burning that happened with these attempts.

The Glowforge support line is open Pacific business hours - I think 9-5, so sadly 3 hours ago they were already closed. You can try them again tomorrow though!


It also looks like your image has double cut lines.


The Proofgrade cut setting for this material calls for 2 passes

But the pic looks like there are two distinct lines close together. Two passes should follow directly on top of each other.


Always a good idea to wiggle the project with a pick to see if it is fully cut.
If it isn’t, you can ignore everything else and just print a new cut option.
IF nothing has been moved that is, so be extra careful when checking.

Also of note is some colors inhibit cutting. Black, red and green have always given me problems so I have saved parameters for those colors that slow down the speed to assure a cut.