Purple Button —- I think I am going to have stroke after reading posts

  1. A few days ago, machine was turned on and immediately the GF button was purple. The machine also did not start its calibrating session. At this point I had never seen the purple button.

  2. Went into the software there was one of those centering, scanning etc. words. I do not remember what word had appeared.

  3. Logged out of software. Cleared Internet history and turn off GF.

  4. Machine was off for 5 minutes. It was then turned back on and everything is back to normal.

Today Monday March 23

  1. Turned on machine. Purple button again. Calibrating did not start.
  2. Went to software and software showed GF is offline. The only time I see “offline” is when the GF is turned off. The GF is physically turned on with the purple Button.
  3. Again closed software, cleared history, turn off GF.
  4. Turned back on. Back to normal.

Went to the community and started reading the posts about the purple button. Nearly everything I read indicates something is wrong with my GF.’

Does anyone know why the purple button has appeared?

Curious that the system seems to be resetting itself, that would give me hope that it’s not catastrophic.
Support will check your logs and give you the verdict. :grimacing: Good Luck!


The team will be along shortly with more detailed troubleshooting but I wanted to check something with you that may clear it up.

If the button is held down when your Glowforge is turned on, it will startup in a recovery mode and the button will turn purple. (I’ve done it to myself more than once when I have a half finished project sitting on the side of my Glowforge that I didn’t notice was sitting on top of the button.) Turning your Glowforge off and back on again will allow it to boot normally.

Is there anything that might have been holding the button down when you turned your Glowforge on, or does the button seem to be ‘sticking’ in any way when you press it?


Nothing touches the button when the switch in the back is turned on.

The only time I touch the button is start a print.

When the purple button did appear only the the switch in the back was turned on. It was also instant. Machine was turned on purple button appears.

Thank you for your reply.

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Sounds like a wifi connection issue as that is what the purple button is about. I would try holding the purple button down and resetting the Wifi connection by the setup routine.

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I’ve had the machine since September and never had any issues with Wi-Fi. In the span of three days for whatever reason the purple button appears right after the machine is switched on.

There are not many posts in the community about the purple button but the ones that are there reflects that the purple button is not a good thing.

The machine is working fine I just want to know why this purple button keeps appearing.

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I’m sorry about the ongoing trouble. I see you’ve emailed us about this, and I’ve sent you a response with next steps there, so I’m going to close this thread.