Purple Button :(

I’m assuming there’s an update that my machine either didn’t process, or that is still being pushed out, but my machine is giving me a purple button. It started acting strangely last night: Taking longer than normal to be ready, and then eventually just cycling through the clicking noise, the high pitched sound after, and then repeating. I figured I’d leave it off through the night and it would be alright.

This morning it turned on normally, but when I went to do some cuts the GFUI gave me an error message saying to contact support if this continues to happen, but the laser began to cut anyway. It was only a 40sec print with only three cuts needing to be made, it successfully got through the first first two, but then the head stopped before beginning the third cut. My print button began glowing purple, and so I did the normal procedures of turning the machine off and on, resetting my modem and router, leaving it unplugged for 15mins. Each time I tried it would just sit and not calibrate. I left it on for a little while thinking maybe it would process an update, then held the button to make it teal.

To be clear, the purple light only came on the one time at first, and everything after the head failed to calibrate or even move. After doing the soft reset with the teal button leaving it off and unplugged for 5mins, it then worked for one print, the same cut file I had previously sent in. I waited for it to say that it was ready to be opened, both by waiting for the tell-tale signs of the clicking and the GFUI, but after a minute or so the GFUI said ready, the bed image was blurry, and the machine continued to click off and on with the high pitched sound for about 5 or 10mins before eventually giving me the purple button again. I’m going to be leaving the house for a few hours and will leave the machine off, hopefully this is just one of those “it will resolve itself” sorts of things, because I need to print a number of things before tomorrow as I want to make sure they arrive before Christmas.

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I’m investigating and will be in touch when I learn more.

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The purple button of death was such a frequent part of my PRU…

@raymondking32, unfortunately, after research, we’ve concluded that we recommend replacing your Glowforge as there’s an issue with the hardware. I’ll email you shortly.