Purple heart wood

Can you cut and engrave purple heart wood? If so, what setting do I use?


The diamond shapes in this lotr-themed polyhedral is 1/4" purpleheart. I think I tested by starting with the thick :proofgrade: Proofgrade walnut settings. If you’re using 1/8" material, maybe start by testing with the medium proofgrade settings. Good luck.


Cool! Thanks I will try it out!!!


Purpleheart can be a bit tougher than other hardwoods. It’s hard and has a fair amount of resin.

I’d recommend a material test because you don’t want to overpower that nice wood. Check out #6, you’ll get it dialed in perfectly in about 5 mins:

The best part is that once you set up the test you can easily test other materials using the same test job. It’s 5 mins this time and immediate in the future. :slight_smile:


This is beautiful!


Not sure what machine you have, but I cut purpleheart hardwood all the time. I have a Pro - use PG Walnut with settings of 210 speed /full power / 2x cut - this was after lots of testing to get the perfect settings for my machine. I had to replace my original machine this summer, but the new one has accepted this setting with no issues. I normally just run edges on a Scotchbrite pad to clean off the carbon and it’s good to go. You still need to run tests for your machine, since every one has it’s own foibles and issues, but if you have a pro, these are close.


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