Push print button and print does not start even though its glowing

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Push print button and print does not start even though its glowing.

The machine is ready to print but somehow the white glowing print button’s function() press is not being detected. Have restarted several times.

Pls help asap, I have a pending order - that is stuck.

Suggest getting your box and orange bits ready to pack it up for sending back to be repaired.

Thanks elfyguy, will need to remote debug first. Could you please advise how to bump up this thread to bring to Admin/Staff notice?

Posting here has already opened a support ticket. They generally will respond within one business day.

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Hello @sonalagarwal - sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

I’d like to perform a simple test that will really help show how the button is responding. Could you please try the following?

  1. Power Up: Turn your Glowforge off. Then turn on your Glowforge and wait about 30 seconds.
  2. Start Wi-Fi Setup: Hold down the button on your Glowforge for roughly 20 seconds, until it glows with a teal color.
  3. Tap the button once more to exit Wi-Fi setup mode (the teal light should turn off)
  4. Reboot your printer

Please let me know whether or not you get a response/teal light from step #2

Thanks Mike for the quick response,
In Step#2, when we press and hold the button for 20 sec, the teal color doesn’t come (remains white as if no press action took place). Pls advise.

Hello @sonalagarwal, Thank you for trying the steps that my colleague Mike provided. Unfortunately is looks like your Glowforge has a problem that we won’t be able to resolve remotely. Typically the next step would be to send your unit in for repair, but we are currently expanding our repair facility and are not able to to offer that option right now.

Instead, I’d like to send you an offer for a replacement unit. Since we’ll need to confirm some personal information as apart of the offer, I’m going to send you a separate email with the full details.

If you don’t receive my email in the next 10 minutes, please check your spam/junk mail folder. Once I know that you’ve received my email, I will close this thread.

Hi Morgan,
Thanks for your response and resolution.
We checked our spam folder too but it seems we haven’t received your email yet.

Hello @sonalagarwal,

Thank you for letting me know you haven’t received my email. I just reset the email again and added the email address you use for your Glowforge account login to the cc line as well. Hopefully you will receive it at either this address or that one. Please let me know when it is received.

Hi @sonalagarwal,

I just received your response on the email ticket. I’m going to go ahead and close this thread now. All further communication will be on the email ticket. Thank you!