Putting a pattern in a certain order

I have a project where I am designing a 3-D stereo viewer. The visor needs to be flexible so I’m cutting a pattern into it. My issue is, The glowforge is randomly cutting the pattern out and jumping all over the place. I’m designing this in illustrator and I’m wondering what I could do to make it Cut row by row column by column?


You can’t get that tight unless you get serious about colors, and even then you’re not 100% in control.

Glowforge has said in the past that optimizing the cut paths doesn’t yield as much of a time savings as possible.

If you want to get granular on order for some other reason, you can do it, use a custom palettte:



With things like living hinges, I suspect the motion path jumps around like that to keep from concentrating too much heat in one area…which can cause the flames to jump up too high.

(But don’t know for sure.)


Having just finished cutting a project that includes a lot of cuts in close proximity, that is exactly what I suspect because the UI seemed to complete cuts in a specific amount and then move on to another area and repeat the process again until everything was complete.


That’s my thought too. It might not matter so much in wood, but in acrylic it could be the difference between an outright fire, and not.


Same here; I did a simple all-over pattern of a sine wave, but the head was hitting different areas that were not contiguous. Controlling temperature seems reasonable.