Puzzle Piece Keychains

I have learned so much from this forum, I thought it was time I shared something. This, of course, is for beginners like me. A friend of my daughter asked me to make her a simple keychain yesterday. Here is the file, it is two puzzle pieces that fit together. I was going to add text but then I remembered I have no idea which ones of mine are for personal use or commercial use.

If you use acrylic, don’t forget to engrave from the back and flip your text (newbie alert).

Oh, I also included a ‘broken heart’ in the same file. Not the best but a starting point.



I like that heart - you could make a pair of sweetheart necklaces out of it for Valentines Day. :grinning:

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Very nice of you to share—thanks!

Great share thanks!

Very cute. Thanks for the share.

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I don’t see a downloadable file for this design…

Right click on the outline image and Save as, or Save page as.It will save the svg to your downloads, or desktop.

Thank you for sharing. This will be great for my girlfriend and her daughter.

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I’m confused about how to download the file too. When I try to right click and save as the only option I have is png, not svg. What am I doing wrong?

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Are you right clicking on the outline of the file in the original post. This should give you the save as SVG option.

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Hope this screen shot helps illustrate it:
(on a mac, so maybe slightly different on a pc)

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Right click does not work the same for windows 10… save as gives you the choice of .png or bitmap… no option for .svg

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Do you have a “Save Page As”?

Here are screenshots of my options. Patti is right I have the option of png or bmp

Thank you Patti, so how do I have to do it with Windows 10?

Buy a Mac :grinning:


I have a Windows 10 machine and I right clicked and saved as “all files” as the drop down choice or even left the file type blank. The result was an svg downloaded.


I have Windows 10 and when right clicking on image use ’ Save Image As’ and it saves it as a SVG file.


It’s crazy that it doesn’t do that for me. So frustrating…

Unfortunately the Edge browser on Windows 10 does this. Should be fixed with the chromium based edge browser in development (I assume, haven’t tried it). In the meantime I suggest using the chrome browser on Win10.

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