Q-Tip Tub



Part of the ongoing desktop cleanup effort…a home for a handful of Q-tips. (Handy for use in swiping glue. Should be enough for a couple of projects at least.) :roll_eyes:

And you can decorate it with whatever you’ve got on hand. :smile:


And that’s what you have on hand? :grin:


Sure, doesn’t everybody keep gears? :wink:


Oh that’s beautiful! I have a theory on how you did that–very cool idea!


Gears, and what is apparently the last remaining fax machine in existance. :smiley:


That’s probably the most elegant container for q-tips I’ve ever seen!! :smile:


She already told us the story on that.


Search terms you never dreamed you’d ever use on an internet forum: “fax” :smiley:


I have a fax machine. I don’t have a land line, however, so it’s more of a boat anchor on a desk.


The land line is for the alarm system. (And it tends to work during hurricanes when cellular doesn’t.) ROFL!

You guys quit making fun of my archaic equipment! :laughing:


If there is ever a hurricane here I’ll have bigger issues to deal with.


I like the “Spiderweb” gear.


I definitely need to start making gears. @Jules, are you doing this out of veneer or Medium material?


ha ha…I just searched it out.

@Jules That tub is awesome! And it totally fits to put gears on it.


Thanks guys! :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s Medium :proofgrade:, Maple and Walnut, but to make the caps for the gears so they will turn, I split the little cut circles in half with some Knipex pliers/wire cutters. (Carefully.)


Nicely done!


From your spirograph project? :slight_smile:


:smile: Toothbrush holder. Had a few (dozen) leftovers.
(Expect to see gears on several future projects.)


Please tell me you can get the lid on when it has the Q-tips in it ?



Nope! These Q-tips are for wiping up glue, so I don’t want them enclosed…I’m usually snatching for them quite frantically. (Could easily modify the file to make it a bit taller though, if it was desired to use them for cosmetic purposes.) :wink: