QOTD from Glowforge: What Proofgrade materials do you want?

I would love a list of the materials you’re interested in, followed by any thoughts or comments you’ve got. Like this:

  • 1/8" plywood
  • 1/4" plywood
  • two tone acrylic where you can engrave to get a second color
  • Assorted hardwoods

And then explain all the cool stuff you want to do with it, what you’re most excited about, etc. That way I can scan the bullet points to summarize + read the commentary. Much thanks. :wink:


-Assorted hardwoods for me i think.
Would love to start out by making small items with contrasting wood colors/textures.

  • Assorted hardwoods to use as contrasting inlays within other wooden panels
  • 1/4" ply is probably more useful to me than 1/8" since I expect to use ply primarily for construction, however…
  • I would love to play with some living hinges (along with everybody else, I expect :slight_smile: ) so some 1/8" ply would definitely still be appreciated

If you are asking with regard to the materials gift pack, I think it would be quite neat to include some totally left-field materials that most of us would not otherwise use, if you get the opportunity. I’m not sure what materials would fit the bill, but it could be quite interesting to receive an unexpected material and be pushed to find a use for it


Leather not being offered:cry:
emojis not working:rage:


ALL the materials! :imp: (this line is basically the “TL:DR” of this post)

In order of preference…

  • 1/8" ply (a couple would be cool)

  • 1/4" ply (a couple would be cool)

  • 3mm colored acrylic (any color)

  • 5mm clear acrylic

  • one beta unit

  • 3mm clear acrylic

  • laser-safe t-shirt heat-transfer material (Glowforge color, of course!)

  • solid cherry (as thick as it gets)

  • leather (uh… soft? tan? kangaroo? no, stingray! (whatever color and texture is easiest))

  • ~1/8" delrin (white, if that exists and if it won’t turn ugly when cut)

  • solid maple (as thick as it gets)

  • “stencil stock” (I don’t know the name, but I’d like to have some!)

  • “stamp” rubber

  • some quantity of cermark

  • cork

  • laserable foam of some kind (the thicker the better - roll-away drawer organizer stuff)

  • more 1/8" plywood

  • more 1/4" plywood

  • cardstock (something that’s “markable”, if that exists)

  • velvet (which I just found out is something people laser to great effect - a possible leather substitute if leather is be left out)

  • mother of pearl

  • another color of 3mm acrylic

  • green felt

  • maybe a couple anodized aluminum tags? Luggage tags? I saw some anodized aluminum “business cards” on eBay, those could be cool too

  • no fiberboard (regardless of density)

  • no cardboard

  • no non-fancy paper

  • no glass

I hope I understood the request correctly.

Oops, I just saw the “say all the cool stuff you want to make” part of the OP.
I don’t have many specific plans, hence the list of 80 items. I’d like to makes me some boxes. Also, I’d like the delrin to see if that would be a good material for the trident-dividers I designed. I threw in the request for leather because that’s something I hadn’t really anticipated trying, but I’d be more likely to if some magically showed up at my door.

I suspect I will want to use acrylic and plywood a lot. I already know of a local source to buy acrylic, but I’d like to see how the Glowforge stuff compares. It’s hard to believe it’ll be much different, but I’m open to the possibility. The plywood is tricky… I can believe the Proofgrade plywood will be very high quality. I can also believe that the masking layers will be really nice to have. I am, however, having trouble believing that the price will be competitive with locally-scourced stuff. I also know the locally-sourced plywood has no chance of having the mask and has less of a chance of being as high of quality. I’d like to have enough on-hand that I can be sure I’m making a fair comparison between the two (larger sample size, etc.)

The other stuff is mostly just a list of all the things I’d like to try. I’ve been trying to get my sister to buy a laser cutter for years so that she could cut felt and fabric, so it’d be cool to get some to try out to see if it could help her with her hobbies. I’m also sure I could just go down to JoAnn’s and pick some up, so it’s not a big priority to have it on day one. I sawr a video where people inlayed mother of pearl in some wood, it looked cool. I’d like to laser some foam dividers for my roll-aways, I put this one farther down on my list because I’ll need many, many of them and I’ll also probably want to get bigger ones than would be included with the freebie pack.

Hardwood! So cool; me wanty!


We are mostly looking forward to doing things with 1/8" and 1/4" plywood, “stamp” material, and also acrylics. Although, I find you try more if you don’t have to go in search of something.

  • 1/8" plywood, 1/8" acrylic, and “stamp” material to make embellishments for crafted cards

  • 1/8" plywood and acrylics to make luminaries.

  • 1/4" plywood to make boxes for everyone we know … and to set up new storage for items

Two toned acrylic would be amazing! As would hardwoods. Again, open to different materials … because it makes it easier to try something you haven’t thought of.



All of the above! To elaborate a few of @Hirudin examples:
–both types of stamp material (rubber, and polymer). I do a lot of stamping and there are applications for both. I can’t wait to be able to whip out a stamp of my own design in just a few minutes vs the hours it takes me to go through the negative-making and stamp making process, not to mention the mess.
–I believe what is often called Mother of Pearl for inlay purposes is actually abalone shell. If that can be laser cut, it would be fun to do inlay work/intarsia with it.
–Fome-cor or gator board for constructing models (little houses?)
that look a little nicer than cardboard.
–silk velvet (rather than synthetic) is likely to cut better as it’s a natural material. Also more expensive.

That’s all I can think of at the moment but I’ll keep thinking…


I would like to get various materials to see what really works on a laser. Therefor I work a lot with wood I would love to get some 1/4" and 1/8" ply and hardwoods to really make a Project with and maybe some acrylic.
Some little samples of your other materials would be great to see what the Materials really look like once they are lasered.

There are so many things I want to try.

  • metallic acrylic
  • vegetable tanned leather
  • wood veneers

Nothing really specific, just what to see what is possible. I would like to make leather notebook holder. I was also hoping that you might have some suppliers like Tandy or CenMark, donate some samples to get us hooked on using their products.

Also it would be nice to have a couple of “unboxing” projects to make. Come December there will be a flood of photos on the internet of everyone’s first forges. It would also serve as a good calibration test to make sure everything is set up and configured correctly. Something like the candle holder, a nice combination of cutting and engraving.

  • 1/8" plywood
  • 1/4" plywood
  • Two tone acrylic where you can engrave to get a second color
  • Single color acrylic
  • Assorted hardwoods
  • Leather

I’m hoping the Proofgrade materials will give me an opportunity to try materials I don’t currently work with in non-laser projects (leather & acrylic) and to get comfortable lasering different woods. I do plan to use the Glowforge to make stamps so material do to that would be nice, too.


Assorted hardwoods, I plan on making wood gear clocks and traditional cuckoo clocks.

  • 1/8" Plywood
  • 1/4" Plywood
  • 1/4" Hardwood
  • 1/8" Assorted Acrylic
  • 1/4" Assorted Acrylic
  • Delrin
  • Leather
  • Abalone Shell

When I start out, I will be just simply learning how to use a laser. How to Cut, engrave, fine-tune the laser power and speed to get the result I want, figure out the difference between Rasters/Vectors and when to use each. After that, I intend on engraving a number of wooden Mugs that I make and sell. My goal to complete by the end of the year is to create my own custom Catan Board and packing box to give as a Christmas Gift to my parents who have nearly ALL the expansions. After that, sky is the limit, everything will look like a laser project or something I “have” to make. I’m looking forward to my creative world opening up as my skills improve on the laser.


Awesome QOTD!!

Hardwoods: To have an assortment of Proofgrade hardwoods will be awesome for making really nice looking objects, and I would love to be able to use multiple types in one project to get contrasting colors/textures!

Abalone Shell: Don’t know how expensive this would be, but oh man, I’ve been dying to get my hands on some of this stuff for inlay purposes- specifically, I’ve love to combine it with corian or hardwood to make coasters, platters, boxes, clocks…the list can go on.

Leather: I’ve never done anything with leather, so to be able to start with a Proofgrade material and know that it’ll work really well in the laser will let me concentrate purely on testing beginner leather designs like simple wallets or notebook covers.

1/8" Plywood: To see how well Proofgrade ply compares to the ply I can get locally will be a good way to see which one I’ll stock up on. As for what I would make…pretty much anything goes with ply for me, haha.

Something Super Random: For instance, Proofgrade…chocolate! Haha

Don’t suppose DuPont would be willing to work something out to let you supply Corian :upside_down:

  • 1/8" prototyping material – wood, plastic, whatever, but something sold that is much less expensive but will still offer reliable prototyping results before popping in more expensive materials.

. hardwoods for inlay jewelry
. single color acrylic for edge lit art/signs/displays
. cork for trivets/coasters


Acrylic of different colors, tectured, multi-layered.
Thin proofgrade plywoods of various types.
Laser safe masking material.

Materials that can easily be sourced elsewhere but that make sense for a one stop shopping experience

Alumamark - various colors
Magnetic sheets
Cork Panels


My local market doesn’t have much in the way of hardwoods or even safe ply. I am really interested in those as well as leather. Also cork. The duo toned acrylic sounds interesting. Slate for engraving possibly.


1/4 inch plywood
Acrylic, clear and 2-color
Assorted hardwoods

These would be my first choices, however just having materials to start using the laser when it arrives will be so nice. That is going to be great to be able to get started learning the system right away.


1/4, 3/16 & 1/8" Plywood with at least one hardwood face (cherry, oak, black walnut, etc…) in addition to your standard plywood.

1/4, 3/16 & 1/8" solid woods - the key here being uniform thickness (aka very tight tolerances) so that when you mix and match on the same plane sanding them uniform is minimal.

Both of the above in long lengths for us Pro owners.

Interesting non-leather fabrics. Personally, I’m thinking synthetics on the heavy duty side of things as opposed to a thin cotton print. I will use leather, I’m just unsure how necessary Proofgrade™ will be for me.

Synthetic, or vegan leather - my searching indicates this is hard to order in anything less than factory quantities.

Colored glass that will score perfectly when lasered.

A masking material in case I buy a sandblaster.

I’m assuming delrin and acrylic are uniform no matter where sourced, but if not then throw these in as well.