QOTD from Glowforge: Will you accept our 24 Hour Glowforge Challenge?

Greetings Marlo! :sunglasses:

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Top 5:

  • Clocks (I love clockwork)
  • Robots (little ones, most of which will roam around on my desk at work and big ones now that I’ve seen some of the cool things that delrin can do)
  • Prosthetics
  • Kinetic Sculture
  • Cosplay Props

They’ve moved into a new office space on the first floor…didnt use an elevator while I was there…:grinning:


Did they ever actually move? They were originally on a first floor, and the elevator incident was them looking at new office spaces for a move. But I never did hear if the company actually relocated…

Not sure the timeline, but if you google the Company, it points to a different address which is more storage…I assumed that it was the first location… IDK I just know I wasn’t getting into no elevator…lol


My list is not top projects; its today’s projects. Sloppy and copied straight out of my notes.

Laser 24 hours

  • Burned my finger on toaster oven, so a hook for that
  • My daughter was a special guest at local high-end theater and we got a backstage tour. I am certain their prop shop and their costume shop each need a GlowForge.
  • My husband brought home server hard drive blanks with dividers built in that he wants to use as drawers for organizing screws, cables, and components. They need a cabinet and possibly lids.
  • Boy started kindergarten- first homework is a paper doll of himself. Hello GlowForge. They always have fabric shirts, pants, hair, etc. We could make it so cool.
  • Sisters and I donate a tree each year to the Festival of Trees benefiting local children’s hospital. We were hoping for the GlowForge early enough to make some of the decor this year. We ramp up preparations when school starts… So today.
  • Motivational signs- engraved rather than vinyl. Custom to my goals and family values.
  • Lego organizer
  • Husband wants shelving in his server rack for his lab components.
  • Labeling all his cables, cords, connectors, ports…
  • Box: Our snap circuit extreme kit came in a flimsy cardboard box. Just got it- we have played with it once and clearly the box will not withstand enough sessions to get through 300 experiments and demos.
  • Raspberry pi case.
  • Planning a big cancer awareness fundraiser walk. Signage, favors, and making items for the silent auction- leaps to mind.
  • @smcgathyfay already does body paint stencils… Something I expected to do for this event before I ever joined the forums. Not at Stephanie’s level, obviously.
  • Today I am putting grout into freshly laid tiles. I don’t know what I might have engraved; but that I could might have made me add some elements.

A hook for the burnt finger?

:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


its terrifying that, that^^ is even a thing.


I think thats more for dislocated fingers maybe? IDK…looks a bit painfull with that weight on there…:scream: Where do you find this stuff @jacobturner…students must be scared of you…lmao :wink:


Yes. That, exactly.

I was thinking something more like this…

Clearly I must take more care of how I abuse my pronouns.


I was looking for the bus jumping up and down.


So apparently they DID move…


Ah. Good to know

We are in the process of setting up a mid-century house in Palm Springs to AirBNB and I’ve had lots of ideas of things to make for it. These will come off of the CNC, but I know it’s go a lot faster with the Glowforge!

Custom cut art/wall pieces
Cutting boards
Cover for the house manual
Shot glass holder/caddy
Custom signage

I know there will be loads more, and I can’t wait to have some free time so I can get started!


Besides the gigantic remote control plane we make from scratch every year and a bunch of acrylic boxes, circles and various other shapes. I’ve noticed a lot of things (too many to count). here’s a really small collection, I’ll add more when I compile all my different lists.


The biggest reason for getting the Glowforge at work:

sorry, no matter which way I rotate this picture and save it, it always ends up sideways here.


It also looks to be a bit of an optical illusion for a bit. I though it was resting on the floor and was trying to figure out how the steps fit into that. Once I figured out it was hanging, things snapped into place for me. The thing on the left kinda looks like a desk of some sort which also threw me for a little bit.