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I found this site that creates QR Codes and it lets you download them as SVG’s



Thank you very much!

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Sierra Hotel!

Thank you!!

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Nice share thanks

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Great info! In the off chance that doesn’t work for some. Inkscape has an extension that creates them too that I’ve used twice so far.

Hey, this is really useful! Thank you!

I already have a small bookmark list of QR code generators, but none of them did the separated circles style this one can do.

One of my products involves putting Venmo QR codes on things for customers… they often send me blurry, compressed pictures of their QR code that don’t scan well when re-printed. With this tool, I can make a fresh QR code that points to the same Venmo address and still looks like a Venmo code.


Thanks so much!!!

Oh I have found you can add a Logo to the qr code. Just drag the logo on top of the qr code. Then you have to edit the file a bit and remove the dots behind the logo. But it works great…





Good one… It scans as Rick Astley -Youtube video…

I stole it from this tweet that went viral last week:

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