Question about Alignment and Jigs

I have been using my machine for about five years now but have never used jigs. Here’s what I’m doing:

Using a 1/8 piece of maple.
I cut a 4-inch circle.
I don’t move the maple after cutting out circles, so essentially I’ve made a jig with circles placed inside. I didn’t remove them.
I have another design that is scoring or engraving (depends on design) that I align on top of the circle.
But even though it looks aligned, it’s not scoring or engraving aligned. I know there are some camera focus differences, but I haven’t touched the set focus.
My cut settings and score settings on this design are set to Auto, should I change those to manual?

What can I do to improve this and any other posts in here that might help? I’ve done a deep dive but feel I am doing something wrong. I also feel like, shouldn’t I be able to put the jig in any time and use it again - without worry for alignment? Thanks a bunch!

Here are some images.

The first machines were delivered in 2017, so I don’t think you have been doing this for 5 years.

Your artwork should be in the same file as your jig circle. You ignore the cut function of the file when engraving or scoring your design.


This may help: How to Make a Jig


feels like 5 - okay so four - weird.


Didn’t work either, but thanks for sharing.

If the circle to cut is in the same file as your artwork, and if your artwork is aligned with the circle in the original file, it has to work.


When you make your original file, make the outer circle a different color than the inner circle and the rest of the design. When you load into the interface, you can actually do the interior first, then cut. In the sample photo here, you would cut the outer circle, score the inner and engrave the square. Everything would be aligned because they are aligned in the original file.


To be fair, 2020 seemed like 5 years by itself.


Another way to do this is by using the placement tool since you are doing simple circles. Note the center of the circle when you cut your original circle, and align your artwork to that same point without moving your material. Make sure you have the center choice selected.


To be clear - you’re aligning to the art in your GFUI - not the view of the previously cut circle in your :glowforge: In fact, when using a jig you should ignore the camera view of your :glowforge: bed entirely and solely focus on aligning to the art.

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I found an awesome YouTube video that helped a lot. Thx all!


Can you share the awesome video here? In case others are having the same troubles you ran into?