Question about clean optics and smoke - recommended cleaning?



Just received my GF. Love it. So happy. :slight_smile: Worth the 2 years. You are all AWESOME at GF. THANK YOU.

So, my first impression, after cutting something, was “WOW, the exhaust fan is really drawing all the smoke precisely across the optics. I wonder why they didn’t put the exhaust fan on the other side to draw the smoke AWAY from the optics, to keep them clean”

Maybe you have some mojo in there where the smoke doesn’t actually foul up the optics. Just curious what your take on it is. If you had a “oh, dont worry, because XYZ”, sort of statement.

Or, if/when that day happens that they’re foggy from smoke, how do I clean them? :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I just found two free Ziess wipes deep in my `forge, behind the cooling tank. Guess they bounced around during shipping. Had I seen these, I definitely would have got the clue a lot earlier. HA! Thank you everyone for the background and info!


This is the official solution.


Zeiss wipes before/after a big job. Pretty easy to clean.


Cool, thanks. Engineering nerd-out here, but I wonder if future GF models should move the exhaust fan to the other side…


I wondered the same thing, but taller minds than mine designed this thing.
I had asked if the smoke didn’t attenuate the power and was assured that the effect is minimal.


I thought the same. There are a number of changes I would make to the way they handled airflow in the unit but as far as maintenance is concerned, it is very minimal. I check it after big jobs, but usually you can tell when its time to clean because the lid cam gets hazy


In my argument from ignorance It does seem that to move the intake to the left, with the radiator and control board and have the exhaust and pump on the right would be a better layout.


They use purge air to keep the optics cleaner than they would be otherwise. It doesn’t use clean air from outside the unit, so you will have to clean the optics as appropriate.


For sure, I dont consider it a show stopper. More of an engineering nerd-out discussion. :slight_smile: I’m happy wiping the optics from time to time. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the copy/paste of Dan’s post. That’s super interesting and what I was looking for!


@PrintToLaser, thanks for the “official solution”. Is there anything wrong with using non-disposable wipes like this microfiber cloth?


I don’t know enough about the abrasion resistance of the windows or other optics or coatings to even offer an opinion, sorry. I just ponied up and bought the 400 count box of wipes from Amazon.


Do be aware that on the back of the laser head there is a tiny fan responsible for keeping smoke away from the lens. Unfortunately its pulling air from the inside of the laser as well, so it will get rather gunked up after a while, and will need some attention too. I clean this with some canned air any time I clean the other lenses.


I would never buy that. I don’t see any point in getting fewer than 200 at a go.


I just snagged the first link I came to for them. I bought the 400 box. :grin:


Love that. I missed that one when buying, but I hit 200 really solidly. I can use them on my glasses, too, though they don’t work so well for my contacts.


They are really quite versatile. I use them for everything – glasses, cameras, pets, fresh produce… :wink:


I get all my glasses together before opening a pack to clean the machine optics. My cherished RayBan Aviators and the laser always enjoy a virgin wipe, but glasses and magnifying lenses get the hand-me-downs.


Ooh, pets and fresh produce, too?!?!? I can’t wait to introduce them to the cats.


That’s my metric.

Or the glass is too cloudy to see what’s going on in there :smile: