Question about premium commercial use items and YouTube

Can i record my Gf while I’m printing the free “premium commercial use” items And post the videos on YouTube?. Is that allowed?. Do i have to tag GF to the videos ? I just want to make sure im not braking any rules here. . I also wanted to clarify, i can sell the "premium commercial use " items on any online store platform??? Or do i have to alter them and then sell?. Or not?. I can create my own but im in a fog thinking about the payments , supply cost, juggling 5 kids screaming MOOOM! , one trying to pull me away so they can say “look what i can do” and then flop like a fish… -_-'… im not stressed! You’re stressed… ok yea i am stressed out!. :upside_down_face: with a smile on my face (im sure some of you can relate). I just got my GF and i just need a kick start so i can get the ball rolling. Just want to do it the right way by asking… … all of you and the GF company if these things are allowed or not. I tried reading the policies and rules regulations and so on but i cant find a clear answer!. One min it says “you CANT SELL GRR”… the next from gf employees " Oh yes you can! ":grimacing:

Sorry i know i wrote to much and possibly rambled, im just tired and i smell like burnt wood and plastic. ( my gf is not properly venting)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
Thank youu

Hello frazzled mama! Welcome to the community. I can’t say whether doing a YouTube video is OK, so someone else in here may be able to answer that, but as far as catalog items go, you can sell them ‘as is’. They do not need to be altered. Are you talking about things in the catalog? You can’t alter them anyway, except to add text or artwork in the GFUI…because you can’t download them. Best of luck…and b.r.e.a.t.h.e. :slightly_smiling_face:


Haha thank you for clearing that part up for me. And Im breathing … Im … Breathing lol.

Hey there, Welcome!
After some time many of us adopted an inline fan and bypassed the onboard fan. It’s so much quieter.

Best to place the fan as close as possible to the building exit so the fumes are being pulled instead of being pushed. That would eliminate pushing smoke out of any leaks in the exhaust, and there would be zero smell.
You chose wisely to join the community, this is the place for answers. There are over 5 years of experience here and a lot of helpful people.


Thank you! The smell is horrible and fills up my office even with the vent hose out the windo and sealed . I appreciate the advice and I’ll look into the inline fan.

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Or at the very least buy a better exhaust hose than the cheesy foil one supplied with the machine. Dust collector hose works great.


Greetings tkoscreations -

Welcome to the super fun, and occasionally frustrating, world of GF! :wink: Two tips I would add that often get overlooked, or atleast I didn’t notice for quite some time -

  1. You’re allowed three separate logins to the dashboard, just by registering and using a different email address for each. Now that there’s dashboard folders it’s not such a big deal, but it can still be super useful. In my case, I have one login that my child can use so they can login, make stuff, and I don’t have to worry about them ‘messing up’ my existing files. :-). And I use the third login for items I make for the company I work for. That way I can login while I’m ‘at work’ and upload company logos and assets that I don’t need or want on my home computer, nor cluttering up my ‘Personal’ GF Dashboard. Each login also has access to the premium features, if you subscribe to that, which is nice. The only downside is that any custom cut/engrave settings you save in one login are not shared between all of them. For my child, that’s a benefit as they only use PG Draftboard and Acrylic, and I’d rather not have them ‘experimenting’ with customs setting too much. :slight_smile:

  2. Xabbess noted that catalog items can’t be altered. That’s not entirely correct. Many times you can select an element in the file, right click, select ‘ungroup’, and that item will break down into separate components that you can individually alter or delete (or completely screw up). :slight_smile: This also applies to the ‘add artwork’ items. I have noticed if you alter a stock catalog file and close it an error will sometimes pop up saying something like, an error occurred trying to do this. But the changes appear to stay once you reopen it. Thankfully, on the right sidebar when a catalog item is open, there is a ‘Reset Design’ button to go back to the stock file, in case you messed it up.

Hope this helps, have some fun creating, and do a search here for inline fan. There’s tons of good info on installing one to reduce the smell. Most people recommend, and I personally use, an AC Infinity fan which you can get on Amazon, or many greenhouse supply places carry a nearly identical brand.



i stand corrected! I knew you could alter some limited amount of things…but, there are still other parts you cannot. You were just more thorough in your explanation, so thanks for covering that.

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Thank you everyone for giving me advice!!!

Downloading my own files from the server I noticed I couldn’t edit them unless I resort to the node tool.

To the best of my knowledge, the GF cloud processing only preserves paths and gif:raster SVG objects. That means any “regular” object types are converted to paths.

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Thanks. Makes perfect sense considering the narrow focus/function of the servers.

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Yes, yes, and no.

You have purchased a commercial license to “free” premium designs through your annual premium license fee. You can use them for commercial purposes (which includes making a YT video) except you are not allowed to sell the design. Since the design can’t be exported, that might seem like it’s an odd restriction, but it does cover them if you were to cut a file and then use the GF to trace the results, or if you created a copy of the design from the cut file you ran.


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