Question about shipping of boxes

I received my golden email last week saying my GF was shipping. I had a delivery yesterday, very excited as it seemed it was THE delivery. Disappointed to come home and find ONE box which was the materials. Anyone else have boxes arrive separately. Now I’m wondering status of the actual GF :confused:. I have waited 2 yrs and 2 days for my baby…just chomping at the bit to get my MAIN box! :grimacing:

Email starts the six week process. Most people get the materials the first week. The forge will ship some time later (up to six weeks).


I think this is fairly normal… after my golden email back in October, my :proofgrade: materials arrived first. Then, several weeks later, the main shipment of laser and accessories arrived in two boxes. I don’t know what the current shipping times are now, but that was my experience back then.


Proofgrade seems to come first, from Tennessee. Then the actual Glowforge and accessories ship in two boxes from California. Sign up for UPS My Choice and you’ll likely get tracking info before you get an email about it from Glowforge. Mine arrived 17 days after I got the email.


Ditto on above - my materials arrived a few weeks before the GF. Also, my machine arrived one day before the accessory box (which contains the crumb tray and a few other things). Along the way from CA, UPS sent each box via different routes, despite them being part of the same shipment…

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Yep. Just to reiterate what the others have said: you’ll receive the box of PG first, followed a couple/few weeks later by the boxes containing your GF and the crumb tray.

Signing up for UPS My Choice is super helpful, as they seem to notify you sooner than the factory does. If you live in the Bay Area, your GF may arrive before your notification (again, UPS My Choice is your friend).



Thanks to everyone who replied! Well, I guess I just sit and wait for the “golden” product! LOL

Same for me on materials. Tracking number came today. Arriving on the 26th. Just over three weeks from golden ticket email. I’m in NJ.

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Golden email 1/9
Proofgrade tracking on 1/15, delivered on 1/18.
Golden packages tracking 1/15, delivered on 1/19.

Basic unit. Shipped to Chicago suburb.

And it is amazing.


Thanks for the answers and feedback everyone! I’m going to close this thread - go ahead and post a new topic if you have any additional questions.