Question on Support Requests

I tried to “submit a request” for support. I sent it twice but yet when I look at my profile and see that I have the option of seeing my “open” orders they are not listed. How do I know they even got it. I tried to update my profile photo and that updated no issues, but still can’t see where my request is open or even submitted. Thanks

You will receive an almost immediate automated reply when you use the support request form, and for every subsequent reply to their emails.

If not, check your spam/junk folder.


thanks eflyguy
I checked spam and trash folder with no luck in finding the reply.
Any other suggestions.
I tried to submit twice

Submitting multiple times shows up there as multiple problems and takes extra time to sort through them. Better is to send one email and if needed add to that email, but keep in mind that their problem is wading through the support requests and adding to the load will not improve that.

understood, however I never got a confirmation that they received it. So I submitted again and again no response that they received it. I was going to try a third time but then read the post about the multiple posts. but Thank you. I just want my GF to work :slight_smile: I’m on a deadline.

If you didn’t get this email, then, for whatever reason your request is unknown to them.

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Is the email you entered in the form the same one you have on file with them? That would slow things down as well.


yes same email. Thanks

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