Question on venting

I currently vent my glowforge out the window and I am afraid its to cold out side. Will the cold air hurt the machine if I want to do a project?

There are LOTs of posts on the forums discussing this topic and I encourage you to do some searching to get as much info as possible.

In short, be it cold, hot, wet, or dusty, you want to avoid letting outside air into your forge. While cutting something, the fan will be on and should keep room air circulating through the machine and then outside, but other times the fan will be off and lower air pressure inside will mean outside air getting sucked in. Good rule: never let that happen.

  • have a vent blast shield closed when the fan is off
  • Have an additional in-line fan on your exhaust tube that stays on in between cuts, keeping the airflow going out
  • Physically disconnect the vent tube from the vent hole when the fan is off

Again, do some research here on the boards; there is a ton of discussion on this.

Good Luck!


I installed a simple dryer vent with the gravity operated flap that closes when air isn’t being forced outside from the glow forge. This does a few things for me: Allows me to use and vent my glow forge in a back corner of my house(rather than the living/dining room).
Keeps the bees and other insects from climbing up my vent hose and into my glow forge.
Lastly, it seems to keep out most of the cold air, I haven’t had any issues and I’ve been engraving efficiently for the past several weeks while the outside air has been in the 10’s and 20’s Fahrenheit.


Thank you very much for you help

Thanks for the answer @UrJac, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!