Questions about my referral credits

  1. I thought I remembered the credit earned for a Pro referral was $600, and $500 if you opted to cash it out. Mine are showing just as $500 credit. Does that get automatically bumped to $600 in the shop, maybe?

  2. I would like to order an air filter with my credit, but I can’t find a way to order one without ordering a GlowForge. How can I order just the filter?


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Okay, I figured out the answer to #1 (yes!), so you can disregard that one. I just need to know how to order the filter. :blush:

I’m going to presume you have vented to the outside and your desire for the filter is to mitigate odor you experience using the machine? Or do you plan on taking the machine to other locations?
Since I finally nailed my venting setup, there is no odor leaking while operating, so I just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on packing your storage with $600 worth of proofgrade goodies.

So what were the last few things you did to “de-odorize” you GF :glowforge: setup?

My exhaust run is long, and I anticipated needing more boost than was actually required so I had 2-190 CFM fans, one at the end of the 4’ of flex duct next to the machine and one in the furnace room, 25’ of rigid duct and three 90° and two 45° elbows later.
The first fan served to pressurize the duct and those elbows leak like a sieve. Being fed up with the struggle I took no prisoners and a tube of silicone to every seam and joint in the run.
I also did about 7 wraps of masking tape around the flange the flex duct connects to on the machine to give the spiral support wire in the flex duct something to embed in, and cinched the screw clamp down good.
Turned out I only needed the one fan at the rise through the roof in the furnace room (I did my seat of the pants guess at what I might need before you gave me the calculation formulas - I never did the math… :grin:).

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It’s a tough choice. I have been changing my mind on a daily basis for about 2 weeks now. I had to move my 3D printer from its ideal location (enclosed space, no drafts, where I had just installed a nice solid level, vibration-free surface) to have a ventable spot for the GF. Just happened to also have a vent to the outside (to accommodate a free-standing AC while it was briefly used as a nursery for my infant grandson).

Ideal spot #2 for the GF is where a stove used to be in the kitchen of the 2nd living area in our daylight basement (now serving a my craft space and playroom for the gkids when they visit). The stove’s vent fan vented rather uselessly into the cabinet over the stove. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The wall behind it is concrete. And mostly underground. Not impossible to get a vent through it probably, but a little beyond my capabilities. The windows I could go through are over in the play area, so not ideal location-wise.

So…yeah. All that free stuff to burn holes in would be really, really nice. But then I’ve gotta figure out how to make a hole through the concrete wall Argh! This is HARD!

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PS Smell really isn’t a problem. I have a little bit of a smoky smell, but it’s not unpleasant, and we heat with pellet stoves so there’s a bit of wood smoke smell in the winter anyway. :blush:

This method (but on a smaller scale)


I understand!
Decide which side of a coin represents which choice, and flip it. See if before it hits the ground you find yourself wishing for a particular outcome…

Spot #1 sounds like a solid choice.

Thanks for reaching out. We haven’t announced plans to sell the Air Filter individually. We’ll update all of our customers when Air Filters are available to order.

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