Quick coaster gift set for my snowboarder buddy

Bonus points if you identify all the logos…

On solid maple from gvwp.net.

Bonus: half size material test set. I like them, would make good magnets or pins…


Snow? :thinking: (They look great, he’ll love them.)


Yes snow… I’m currently in park city on a week ski trip, so it’s still out there :slight_smile:

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No idea on the brands, but they look cool :sunglasses:


Let’s see…

Upper right = Vail (general branding for town & businesses)
Lower right = National Park Service
Upper left = ???
Lower left = Snowcat


No points for me … but, I’m sure he will enjoy them a great deal!

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Vail: check! (Giant ski resort)
National park service: check check! (Their main logo without text. I may have flouted their branding guidelines, I dunno)
Snowcat: I’ll take it, checkcheckcheck! (https://www.spacecraftcollective.com/ — a gear/clothing company with a great logo)

That leaves one mystery :slight_smile:

D’oh! Burton Snowboards, of course. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Of course! Gold star :slight_smile:

Benefits of living in Colorado and partnering with NPS for almost a decade. :wink:

Go on about the NPS…