Quick Gifts - Phone Stands



I needed some quick things to take with me on an upcoming trip, here are some of them.

I really like how the basswood plywood looks.

These are all based on a phone stand that @smcgathyfay shared here:

Thanks Steph - that design has come in handy a bunch of times now!


Ohhh, there will be a mad scramble for those! Be sure to take enough for everyone. :smile:


Thanks. It’s amazing how even simple things like this get real popular with people. I might make a few more just in case.


Top notch! I need to go open my Proofgrade order to check out the Basswood! Lovely!


I just ordered a bunch of stuff and threw in an extra 5 basswood ply sheets just to see what it’s like - some folks have made it their go-to ply (Maple or Cherry is that for me right now).


Those looks awesome!!!


That’s what I did too. I like it. Maple was my go-to before.


I ordered 5 of the medium Basswood and 5 of the thick. The stack of thick felt lighter. Hmmm. Maple and Cherry have been my favorites, as well. Excited to try the Basswood.


Very nice! Dangit! I ordered last time just before the basswood plywood was added.