Quick Gifts - Phone Stands

I needed some quick things to take with me on an upcoming trip, here are some of them.

I really like how the basswood plywood looks.

These are all based on a phone stand that @smcgathyfay shared here:

Thanks Steph - that design has come in handy a bunch of times now!


Ohhh, there will be a mad scramble for those! Be sure to take enough for everyone. :smile:


Thanks. It’s amazing how even simple things like this get real popular with people. I might make a few more just in case.


Top notch! I need to go open my Proofgrade order to check out the Basswood! Lovely!

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I just ordered a bunch of stuff and threw in an extra 5 basswood ply sheets just to see what it’s like - some folks have made it their go-to ply (Maple or Cherry is that for me right now).


Those looks awesome!!!


That’s what I did too. I like it. Maple was my go-to before.

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I ordered 5 of the medium Basswood and 5 of the thick. The stack of thick felt lighter. Hmmm. Maple and Cherry have been my favorites, as well. Excited to try the Basswood.

Very nice! Dangit! I ordered last time just before the basswood plywood was added.


did u create the orion logo or did you get it off the internet if you got it off the internet i would love to get the link i love the design it would go great with my desk im talking about the one on the right side

I created EM-1 logo from the NASA image.


awesome thanks for the pattern. You just helped me out…they are going to have a chili cookoff at work and I said I would make a trophy type thing for the chili winner, dessert winner, and veggie chili…I could make it fancy looking and put Winter 2019 Chili Cook off Winner…or something like that. Would be something they could USE

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Thanks. Love the R2 one.


How do you add Text

You’ll have to use another program to create the text. If you’re just looking to engrave after cutting out the phone shape you can use something like Microsoft Powerpoint to create text, then copy/paste into the GF App. Make sure to use “Set Focus” before placing your text.

You’re really going to need to learn some graphics software to get the most out of your machine. Whatever you choose, you’ll find a lot of people here willing and happy to help when you run into problems.

Inkscape is free, and there are plenty of tutorials in the Tips and Tricks section.

If you want something cheap there is the Affinity programs: Designer and Photo (they’re on sale now). The are pretty functional.

I’m using the Adobe Creative Suite which has a monthly fee.

There are other options as well.

Scroll to the bottom of this entry and check out The Matrix


I have adobe as well guess I better start digging into it. Yes inkscape is great I use it for making coasters on my DIY cnc

Pick one of the packages (AI or Inkscape) and fall in love with it. Both have a learning curve and you’ll be able to use the output from either with your Glowforge.

I’m an Adobe fan, but you need to pick what is best for you :slight_smile: