Quick little cake topper for our baby's baptism!

Hi all, just wanted to share a quick little cake topper I made this evening for my baby’s baptism this coming weekend! Used Walnut and glitter paper!

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Cool! Great job!


Yep, turned out great! :grinning:


Lovely cake topper for a very special event! And BTW…it’s $1,500 off for a friend to buy a pro.


It’s gorgeous! I hope you plan to paint some sort of sealer on that walnut before you stuff it into the cake. Seems like you might flavor the cake otherwise.


I wonder about allergies too. Maybe not an issue, but I was planning acrylic for cake stakes.

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Very nice!

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Good idea on the sealer. May have to swing by home depot to try and find something. Any recommendations would be great! :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’ve already used this by now, but polyurethane or lacquer should be good enough to seal it. I would do a few coats of either. You just need a good bit of lead time. Most of those things are “foodsafe” once “fully cured,” but depending on what it is, that could be weeks to “fully cure.”

Did you cut it out of walnut first? Then cut the glitter paper and glue?

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Yeah, I cut the walnut, then the glitter paper, then glued!

BTW - as you can see, the glitter cutout is smaller than the walnut. This isn’t as simple as scaling down the original text. Instead, the walnut design has an outline, which gives it extra thickness. For the glitter design, I removed the outline to make it a “thinner” version, so that some of the walnut is exposed when the glitter cut out was placed on top. Hope that makes sense!